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The Red Flags of Suspicion

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), December 16, 2011

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Observing the security is the collective responsibility and just being extra careful one can avert the danger…One can take precaution by reading the unusual things around

I have a point to say with due regards to personal views of many if they disagree with me…I am wondering that how freedom if given to one is so grossly misused…My point of view is not at all colored or biased …Though I am far away from United States but I was perplexed by the news which I read almost two years back…How one can think of acting against own country? It is a treason …a worst crime anybody can do…How an individual could get motivated by the doctrine of hatred and subscribe to hate philosophy…I am so surprised…I am talking about Colleen R La rose alias… ‘Jihad Jane’…Oh! my God what they are up to?Why they are into such hate campaign whereby they are mobilizing to unleash reign of terror…I am so put off…Why isn’t this be understood by her that it’s only her country which has given the best and above all the most precious freedom…She defied the basic instinct of freedom and certainly misused the internet for her nefarious activities…I am wondering and reading everyday that such clandestine activities being uncovered by the respective agencies of various countries…In the guise of normal innocent people bigger plots are being played…How sinister people can be…My country for almost three decades struggling with this menace…And I think I have every valid reason to raise my antenna too…There are slipper cells and sympathizer of the terrorist outfit…They have been recruiting on line too.

My point of view is that we be on our guard and don’t fall prey to such people…They are in the garb of innocent and harmless looking fellow…All that look so simple may not be simple…One can read the intention of a stranger … don’t put your guard’s off…You be cautious.Remember familiarity breeds contempt too…As I know breach of security takes place in a very innocent manner but when it takes inroad into the secured environment it creates havoc…We have seen that in 9/11 and three years back attack on Mumbai…Terrorist could do it because of security breach…I always say that routine makes our response dull…We tend to get casual…complacency set in…Whereas the need of the hour is to be alert every time…Every individual needs to be and so as we too here on net…We need to tell our kids to be extra careful…My dear friends we need to be alert…be careful…be cautious…beware of contradictory statements…Don’t accept the thing at face value…

Watch out the following Red flags of Suspicion:

Any Person expecting too many sympathies all the time…

Any Person boosts connections and flaunts wealth.

Any Person enquires more about your place and asking so many probing questions.

Any person asks your personal details.

Any person time and again harps on one issue only.

Any person has revealing inclination towards hatred and violence.

Any person’s lingo contrary to the place he or she mentioned on his or her page.

Any person tries to be extra generous in offering the financial assistance or help.

Any person who is out rightly negative and always blame.

Any person shows consistent defiance to world order.

Any person holds remorse and grudge against any community, religion or country.

Any person shows inconsistency about his or her profession.

Any person tries to be over indulgent.

Any person tries to be over sympathetic.

Any person talks too loudly all the times about some groups.

Any person tries to extract the information which in the normal course no one asks.

Any person asks you to meet so and so and at so and so place…never do this.

My friend there are many things I can say…I know you too have your novel way to understand this issue and you all in your own way taking precautions…Just be sure what you are doing is correct or not…We need to be careful, extra cautious…we can prevent security breach…we can prevent mishap…We can surely deny an access to undesirable elements…We need to raise our antennas…I reiterate over net we are in borderless environment…there are no barbed wires…no police patrolling…No dog barks…And we cannot hear the victim screaming…If this is the situation we needs to be extra vigilant…extra cautious…You can see THE RED FLAGS OF SUSPICION

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By Notumbus Bumbus on December 17, 2011 at 01:28 pm

I am suspicious of anyone who claims it is wrong to be critical and suspicious of the world order. I aim to question EVERYTHING that goes on in the name of any World Order, as I am quite certain we are all being condition to fear each other by the use of the shibboleth of "terrorism," especially when we are being urged to look for it in the face of everyone around us. I refuse that edict. I find I cannot agree with anything you list here - liberty itself is threatened more by fearing the boogieman than by merely being aware. "Vigilance is the price of liberty" is the flip side of totalitarianism masquerading as the Beneficent Big Brother.

As for someone asking me to meet so and so at so and so place? How else do we have a free social life? You have merely focused suspicion on the socially inept - hardly the harbringers of doom.

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By Uttam Gill on December 17, 2011 at 10:19 pm

With all due regard to your views I would like to submit that If anyway my article has caused you discomfort then I apologize for that...It may be that I am looking the world with restricted sense because I have loss my kith and kin to terrorism... Thanks for sharing with me your outlook and I appreciate that…

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