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Eminently Unqualified

by David Van Gough (writer), San Diego, December 16, 2011

Credit: Tracy Emin
From her recent series of etchings titled-

Tracy Emin was just appointed to London's prestigious Royal academy as professor of drawing.

Emin, of course is famous for her unmade bed, and infamous for making a complete drunken ass of herself on British television.
I actually prefer her latter contribution if I'm perfectly honest.

And now Emin, who recently contributed the most risible etchings for a series entitled "Love is what you want", is to be the shaper of young, impressionable minds, the yardstick (or charcoal stick) for every budding young da Vinci or Blake-a former pupil of the college.

Of course-like Art sales-it's all about the name...I daresay attendance at the Royal academy shall be healthy this coming semester, and the school has already trotted out the usual suspects to defend the decision. "There will be a lot of people who say, 'What a lousy idea, she doesn't stand for classical drawing'..." said Tate director Nick Serota, before steadfastly back tracking with the rebuttal that he thinks it's a "great appointment."

Serota of course is said to be a fierce advocate of conceptual art over figurative painting, and allegedly had some pretty dodgy dealings with NACF (National Art Council fund) over the acquisition of works by Emin, Hirst, et al, calling for demands he be sacked by artist Stuart Pearson Wright and the Stuckist group, but we'll come to Serota in a future article.

Perhaps it's uncharitable to disqualify Tracy on the basis of her complete lack of apparent skill, the aging Picasso upon seeing his sons doodles, was said to have turned forlorn to the young Paulo, and told him he had spent his whole life trying to master such innocence.
Of course, Picasso could really draw.

Is it me or are there sinister undertones in the relegation of what used to be 'natural talent', fighting for elbow room with incompetent scrawl?

If naive renderings can said to be artistically viable then talent no longer carries any currency, draftsmanship is an outmoded concept, and what you end up with is what I call the the aspiration of nothing, the elevation of ignorance.

The artistic equivalent of Snookie.

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By Bessie Jewel on December 17, 2011 at 07:15 am

Another really nice article - thanks again! You've inspired me to write a little article which I've been meaning to pen for weeks now. Everything gets infused with politics, one way or another, doesn't it?

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By Anastasia on December 18, 2011 at 05:41 pm

David, spot on. The woman is a fraud and a mediocrity, an avatar for an age of mediocrity.

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