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99.5 Just Won't Do

by Notumbus Bumbus (writer), Where I am right now., December 16, 2011

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Hey, pod people don't pay their fair share of taxes. But, wait....didn't the pods BECOME people?

Remember that old Credence Clearwater song, "99 and a half just won't do"? I was reminded of that today after I got roadblocked by a 99% march here. I didn't mind sitting and waiting for them to pass by. But I did mind what has increasingly seemed like a movement searching for a cause. Sound bites and pepper spray do not a movement make, and in light of the massive arsenals the 1% have at their beck and call, you would hope these 99%ers will begin to work on better tactics in addition to honing their message. I mean, you think those tea swillers are gonna be swayed? Right. Who cares about them. But...

Thing is, they got lots of money with which to buy the politicians of their own choosing, and buying them they are. You believe that occupying the park means squat to the fat cats? Think again. Follow the money, because that's who benefits, and thus that is who calls the shots. I mean, aren't you a little curious about how the police can pepper spray people just sitting around are getting paid by - wait for it - your tax dollars. Ain't that grand? As far as scams go, that one is a doozy. But wait! There's more!

Yeah, there is always more - for them, and less for you. That's the nature of the game, and we all just keep playing along. See, the way its rigged is like this: keep a majority of the people employed, but squeeze them. And to keep them from complaining too much, design the system so that we can keep an obvious number of people homeless, and still quite visible, so that the rest of us can see the consequences if we challenge the system, at least anything beyond choosing one from either Column A or Column B. To make things even more interesting, tie up the really driven younger people by maintaining a policy of total, permanent war. Let them kill people over there. Besides, a good portion will either die, or come back too damaged to be a worry. Now, for icing on the cake, lets create as much mind-numbing entertainment as we can, especially on programs and games that hilight violence and rude, bully-style public humiliation "reality" shows. It's called "conditioning" folks, and I ain't talking Gold's Gym.

Sure, there's more to the picture than these broad outlines, but really? You think the 1% give a fig about whether a few people break free of their sheeple-state? Hey, did you see how much the lottery is up to this week?

Well, I would like to point out to the 99% marchers/occupiers that you are slowly but steadily eroding the goodwill you built early on. Time to realize the party stage of the affair is over. Now, it's time to do the really hard work. Such as organizing, getting behind YOUR candidates, and then, for the sake of the dead gods, get off yer asses and vote. It's really the only tool you can use against the rampaging kleptocracy, and in your heart-of-hearts, you KNOW that's the truth.

Peace out.

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