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Kids Behind Closed Doors

by KLiedle (writer), Los Angeles, April 12, 2007

Everything's fine. Your fourteen-year-old daughter just made the honor roll and, to your surprise, tried out for the school play. She seems, in a word, content. Not happy, mind you (she is fourteen, after all) but she seems to be doing as well as can be expected. She is focused at school and gets good grades, has friends, and is starting to get some interest from boys. In short, you've got a good kid; you lucked out.

So when you walk past your daughter's closed bedroom door one night, you hope that she's doing homework, or if not, she's probably just texting friends or talking on the phone like newly minted teenagers do. You respect her privacy. Besides, there's nothing to worry about because everything's fine, right. Wrong! You might know where your daughter is, but do you know what she is doing?

86% of children chat online without their parent's knowledge.

77% of children that are targeted by Internet Predators are age 14 or older.

Even if you have the best kid in the world, if you have access to the internet, the internet's weirdoes and crazies have access to your kid. This is the scary, absolute truth and unfortunately, nothing new. Instinctively, we all know the dangers of the internet when it comes to children. We might have the inclination and intent to watch over our children, but with both parents working more and more, who has time to monitor all of their kid's activities all of the time?

Luckily, there's a new watchdog organization that can help:
It's called Parents On Patrol ( and their mission is to stop sexual predators in their tracks. Parents On Patrol encourages parents to work together as a community to fight off sexual predators and protect their children. On the Parents On Patrol (POP) website, ( , parents can download FREE software which allows them to report suspected predators to other parents, service providers, and law enforcement. Parents On Patrol (POP) captures all online activity on the PC it's installed on including: MySpace, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and ICQ. Once installed, POP transmits all captured activity to a secure parents-only website for review.

What does that mean? Well, say you install Parents On Patrol on your daughter's computer. The software captures all chat and instant messages and transmits them to the Parents On Patrol secure website which you can brilliantly access from any computer of your choosing-- including your work computer!

When you, as a parent, come across a suspicious screen name, you can report them to POP and, not only is further messaging blocked, but POP follows up by alerting officials at The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children.

You also don't have to feel guilty about invading your child's privacy. POP gives you the ability to set your own preferences with different levels of monitoring that could save your child before an online encounter becomes a seriously scary situation.

" In this day and age, predators have an entirely open forum, via the internet, to lure unsuspecting children into their grasp. No other parental monitoring tool connects parents in their common need to protect their children from online predators", says Marty Schultz, creator of Parents On Patrol.

Parents On Patrol has been featured on ABC Eyewitness News and has been recommended by world-renowned "Cyber Safety Expert", Rob Nickel, a 14-year veteran of the Ontario Provincial Police. With watchdog organizations and software like Parents On Patrol, there is hope for time-starved parents to band together to protect the children in their community.

With Parents On Patrol, Parents can Connect and Protect.
Please help us get the word out.

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