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by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), December 14, 2011

The summary of life with an account of reward, discredit, setbacks, pains, struggle and hope.

Time has never let me ponder over the fragility of my creation. From nowhere I tried hard to create the nameless relation and in this journey many walked along with me…few carried on ...few stayed for a while to left me later…few left unannounced…few made it conditional…few defined me as garbage…few defined me as different…few very thoughtfully created their own world and at times they came back with placards on their face saying that I am not forgotten…In the calamity of forgotten promises the dreary spell of my loneliness was never considered as casualty; it was rather tossed upon with disdain as illegitimate piece and unworthy of any attention.

I think now I should not wonder; rather I must accept the facts with humility…Life has to move on…Unmistakably I tried hard to be as real as I can…but every time reality bites…The reality is I fail to assimilate the truth that I don’t hold the valid
and legitimate right to proclaim. Precinct of my own world though hold no boundaries but still many wish to demarcate…The demarcation is starkly visible in their remarks and their wisdom to keep distance from me. Few live for life with me and are untouchable. My alienation perhaps is not the reality…Reality is that I got alienated from the fact…I remain oblivious of the fact that I hold no divine right to propagate because I lack credibility to be accepted as their own. I very humbly submit that I have met in this life very honest and committed persons and I bow my head with reverence towards them. In my revering salutation to them I say that I shall always remain indebted to them for making me a better person.

God give me courage for not to wince against setbacks and make me humble enough so as not to mince any word to belittle anybody’s stature. Keep me as sane as you can my God. Let me not ever overestimate my own humbleness. Let me not assume my disposition as correct. My God if you cannot correct me then keep them correct who holds the wisdom and the one who are enlightened. Enlighten them more to see the darkness with caution. Guide them God. Let them not drift …God please empower them

My God let no unholy alliance ever emerge or survive. Let this world be bereft of sinful. Let all the enactments of dreams are censured. Let the dream be as real as life; otherwise don’t let the dream ever color anybody’s mind. God forgive me for my insensitivity. I dreamt the possibility and unknowingly encroached upon the sancta sanctorum of the scared belief. God humbly I pray that never let frivolous thoughts ever invade my mind and let no sundry emotions ever acquire space in my mind. Let everything be senseless because in void and silence I wish to explore the world, the world of peace within me…Let me beg you God; you are the giver and forgiver too. Forgive my dreams and give me the truth…yes the same truth of which I remained unaware of…bless me my God with light which surely now I understand that I have never seen…show me a way…take me to the path which leads to the truth…Can you do that...

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By Betty B. on December 14, 2011 at 11:45 am

Very well written Uttam.

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