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Mr. No Poster Shop

by Ariel (editor), Venice, CA, October 04, 2006


Do you feel like your apartment could use some personalization? Are your walls a boring plain white? Then it's probably time to go take a stroll on the Venice boardwalk.

Located right on the ocean front walk, Mr. No Poster Shop is an awesome store with a very large variety of posters. From the classic Bob Marley portrait to vintage art expo posters from the 30's, this shop offers a wide range of styles and prices. A simple little poster can be purchased for about $15 there, but you can also get a huge lacquer framed piece for $300.
There is so many posters in this little shop that browsing through all of them is a pure pleasure; it is pretty much guaranteed that after having spent 15 minutes there you'll find this jewel you were looking for.

The owners are great and will do their best to help and accommodate you. They will be happy to share their experience and give you some advice on how to safely hang this huge thing on a wall. And if you throw a couple of extra bucks in, you may even be able to get it delivered to your place.

The address is 1011 Ocean Front Walk, Venice Beach, pretty much in the middle of the boardwalk.Their phone number is (310)314-3600. It's definitely a great place to check out for all your decoration needs.

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