Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Tales From A Floating World

The Rising: San Francisco Stories - an excerpt from a new novel under development.

#6, Boyd and Jennifer

We lost most of lower Battery Street last week. The news reported that recent events suggest a possible increase in the speed of the rise. They are already saying that Kearney Street could be gone by fall. I just hope they get Henry’s Hunan out of there in time. This town would really be a lost cause without the Henry’s Special.

Jennifer’s Mom got word she had to move a couple of days ago, from her co-op in Lower Manhattan. She thought it would be better to move her Mom Upstate somewhere, but her Mom was having none of that. She was all, “I was born in Manhattan, and I’m gonna die in Manhattan. So just shut up and find me something Uptown.” Her Mom was like that – totally New Yawk. Jennifer finally gave in, but it means she’s going to be gone a while – the competition for any kind of apartment is really bad these days, especially considering the other seventy-four tenants of her building, all hitting the streets at the same time. Same with another six blocks worth of units. So she told me to not worry, like I won’t. I don’t know why she does that; she knows it’s useless. Besides, who isn’t worried these days?

We are luckier than most, I suppose, though that’s a pretty relative assessment these days. When my Dad passed last year, he willed us his place up on the east side of Twin Peaks. Plus, we both work on Potrero Hill, so it’s an easy bike to work, if a bit steep in a few spots. and the overpasses are supposed to remain stable for at least the foreseeable future, but what does that mean? The trends suggest we should be OK for at least the next ten years, but we’ve already talked about trying to sell and moving up to the Sierra’s, before the prices up there are in the stratosphere. We’d probably net enough from Dad’s place to manage a down-payment. If we can sell it at all, that is. Sure, it’s a real luxury pad, three floors, stunning views, two-car garage, the works. But…. Yeah, there’s always a “but” these days.

I did make one decision that I still haven’t told Jen about. I put in with Zack and Millie on a houseboat. Not one of those always-at-the-dock deals; this one is actually sea worthy, with extendable outriggers. It sleeps six, but we want to keep it just the four of us, at least right now. I plan on surprising Jen with it for Christmas. Or her birthday, depending on the predictions. And I know how much she likes Zack and Millie, so we at least have a Plan B. I check the NOAA website every few days. I know that might seem a bit obsessive, but really, I know like a dozen people who check it several times a day, so how does that make me obsessive? Besides, with what they are saying about Greenland lately, it would be perfect stupidity to not stay abreast of developments.

I heard from my brother, Tom, this morning. He’s been working with a sequestration company, which sometime seems pointless considering, but I dig why he keeps at it. Next generation, blah, blah, but that’s just my cynical mind talking. They keep telling us to work hard, and hope, but some days it’s pretty hard to do either or both. Tom said they were teaming up with another outfit that was developing some way to bind the CO2 with an aggregate made of recycled plastics and other materials from the landfills that would have properties suitable for a building material. But he said they really wanted to aim it toward supplying material for all the dikes going up. He urged me to come down to Texas and work with him, tons of money, blah, blah. I said thanks, but I just can’t leave here, not yet, at least. Maybe when it reaches the Castro. Then I thought I’d better consider buying a small boat with an outboard, just in case. We definitely had room in the garage for one. It wouldn’t hurt to be prepared.

I’m supposed to go to the East Bay on Sunday to see Marshall and Luis. They were going to have a big going away party for nearly a dozen friends. There’s a lot of that, nowadays. I’ll check on the current ferry cost; maybe it’s stabilized for a while. But if it's gone up like it did last month, I'll skip it. I just don't have a lot of loose money at the moment, with the payments on the boat. Right now, though, I’m headed down to the Mission, to meet Gert and Spence for burritos. We like the ones at that new place, Isla Comida. Beats El Gordo’s hands down. Then maybe we'll go down and help out at the Exodus Junction. They would probably be as busy as always, no shortage of folks wanting to move eastward, and most were too poor to manage it on their own. EJ's used a lot of volunteers, so they could direct as much of the funds they could toward getting people someplace to settle. Nobody was going to wait for the government to do it, anyway. What a joke, right?

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