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JawBone Up lets customers down.

by TonyBerkman (editor), Costa Rica, December 08, 2011

Credit: Jawbone
Faulty Batteries Cause CEO of Jawbone to Apologize to Customers & Offer Full Refund

CEO of the product that makes the Up, a wristband designed to change your life by measuring your sleep, steps you take and your calories has been let down as Up battery sometimes fails.

If you see it you want it. Yes the Jawbone Up is what most would consider a "cool" product. It's a wristband packed with sensors that track your lifestyle and then chart it out for you on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. As JawBone's tagline for the Up says, "it's the band and app that work together to help you live healthier."

Unfortunately for Jawbone and its many users the Up has been a big downer because for many users it has yet to live up to its promise as the battery on many Ups fails to recharge after a short number of days. The concept however is a sound one. If you start to measure your sleep, how many steps you take and calories burned and the Up and app measures these for you it is highly likely that you will increase your motivation to eat right, get better sleep and start to increase how much you move your body.

This couldn't have come up at a worse time for the company. Gift purchases are heating up, people are starting to eat more, and it's likely that the Jawbone Up is high on Santa's gift lists. If you have purchased an Up and still want to give it to your loved one --- perhaps as a hint -- you still can and the company will refund your money.

CEO of JawBone, Hosain Rahman posted a letter earlier, on the company website, and apologized for the faulty product plus offers a no-questions asked refund policy that starts Friday.

"Earlier this year, we unveiled Jawbone’s vision to help people live a healthier life with UP. We’ve been thrilled by the passionate response to this product. We heard from tens of thousands of you through emails, tweets, blog posts and on our forums about how you’re changing your lifestyle and becoming consumers of your own health. In just four weeks, UP users have collectively taken over three billion steps, gotten more than 300 years of sleep and captured hundreds of thousands of meals.

While many of you continue to enjoy the Up experience, we know that some of you have experienced issues with your Up band," he says. "Given our commitment to delivering the highest quality products, this is unacceptable and you have our deepest apologies. We've been working around the clock to identify the root causes and we'd like to thank everyone who has provided us with information and returned their bands to us for troubleshooting. With your help, we've found an issue with two specific capacitors in the power system that affects the ability to hold a charge in some of our bands. We're also fixing an issue with syncing related to the band hardware." ... "We recognize that this product has not yet lived up to everyone's expectation's including our own -- so we're taking action."

You can read Hosain's letter to Jawbone's customers here.

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By Angie Alaniz on December 22, 2011 at 01:42 am

I read this article a day to late as you know.

I've have to returned two of them already. What a downer because it was really cool and fun to have one when they first came out. In fact I was was it that we didn't think of this first?

Only ours would have worked.

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