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11 Things I Wish My Son To Know

by D. Sager (writer), In the wind, December 08, 2011

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Without wisdom, we are without defense

Hard learned lessons to give wisdom to the next generation

1) Your mind is brilliant with ideas and thoughts, you must use this to create and bring life or it will destroy you. You have no other options, your gift will not let you rest.

2) Women come and go. You will carry them with you after your apart. Be wary then of whom you attach yourself to.

3) Don't let other people's problems become yours.

4) Making love is different from having sex. Feeling your soul meld with another is unlike anything on earth. Give your soul with caution, it can't be taken back.

5) Save money. If you don’t you will always be at someone's mercy. Whatever you got to do, hold some back.

6) Don't burn bridges, you may have to cross them again.

7) Enemies can be your best friends, pay attention.

8) You must have enemies. If your living in such a way as to never offend anyone, your screwing up somewhere. There will always be haters when your bold about your life and beliefs.

9) Follow spirituality to the fullest. Find your god and spend time to develop your spirit. Herein lies the greatest strength, the greatest peace, and the most enduring love. Strength to overcome any obstacle, peace to pass through any circumstance, and love when no one stands with you.

10) Enjoy solitude. Do not desire to have many friends and busy yourself with relationships. Learn about yourself in the solitude. Great character is forged there. Great wisdom is found there.

11) Surround yourself with positive people, positive things, in positive places. Your soul will feel it when you don’t, so run from the negative things that pull you down.

These lessons will create a beautiful song of your life, if you arrange your affairs accordingly.

- With much love,


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By Uttam Gill on December 08, 2011 at 08:12 pm

From father to son...Great Tips

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