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Movie Review: My Week with Marilyn

A movie review of My Week with Marilyn with a shout out to Michelle Williams.

Well, hello Michelle Williams. Wow. Kudos to you for sure, for you are totally mesmerizing as Marilyn Monroe—or frankly, as anyone at all. No one can take their eyes off you when you are on the screen. You are more bewitching than Marilyn was by many percentage points.

My Week with Marilyn is a must-see. It's a one-week snippet of Marilyn's life, and it shows us her genius at manipulation and her vulnerability as a woman whose soul others can't see through her beauty. Lastly, it shows us how three extremely powerful players were all at the mercy of one very unstable Marilyn.

At one point, the young Colin Clark says to Marilyn, "The trouble is that Laurence [Olivier] is a respected stage actor who wants to be a star and you are a star who wants to be a respected actor, and somehow you are getting in each other's way." I thought that was oh-so-true. Being both is almost an oxymoron for a stage actor, by virtue of the fact that there is an intellectual approach to stage acting, and to aspire to the 'sell-out' of stardom that means you are anything but a serious actor.

Everyone is brilliant in the film. The filming is brilliant. It's all done with such effortless genius that you do not realize until after you have left how many layers there were to the plot. Marilyn's brand-new marriage to Arthur Miller was already on the rocks. Marilyn was a struggling actress, unable to see the world's admiration for her talent as anything other than adoration of her physical beauty. Laurence struggles to be taken seriously as a director and fails due to his inability to motivate and control Marilyn. Vivien Leigh's adjustment to old age is an issue that women in film still face.

But mostly it's about Marilyn and her young man, whom she lures into her web with no real intention for their affair to be anything other than an interlude. Colin doesn't tell us about the rest of his life, but I fear he was never any good for any other woman after falling for Marilyn, who was only toying with him.

I have thought a lot about how she studied method acting during the filming of a movie about a showgirl who falls in love with a young prince. "Hmmm," said I to myself. "That makes total sense. She could practice her acting with poor, unsuspecting Colin and get it right in front of the camera later." In other words, the Colin and Marilyn story parrots the story Marilyn was filming on the screen.

I think she used everyone around her. She was smarter than a fox, and her stupid "poor me" routine littered both sides of the Atlantic the bodies of her victims.

Michelle, this is the role of your lifetime, and we are all grateful that they saw it in you and brought you in to do it. It would not have been such a powerful movie without you.

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