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The Champ Who Never Became

by robertanchor (writer), San Mateo., June 07, 2007

Bound for glory and success the champ of the bay area lives and fights like a fighter in love with the ring. Like a machine running on nothing but blood and sweat dripping from his body, he feeds of the sounds of echoing roars of cheering. Before you know it his opponent which in one instant stood toe tom toe with him is now down, face first onto the cold rough canvas with only minutes into the second round. Above his opponent the champ looks down with nothing more than a glare of intimidation and relief. Truly this was pound for pound one of the greatest fighters to ever walk the ring.

Jose Alvarez was his name, and winning was what he did best.
Coming from a Mexican family who integrated when he was five, Jose Alvarez experienced life as a young Hispanic growing up in a world that he had never seen before. His father was a preacher and his mom a housewife. He was one of the oldest of nine siblings, all of witch looked up to him with respect. Jose had always grown up not having everything that most people have, but instead of deciding to just live with it, Jose promised himself to do something about it. I could tell the first time I met Jose that his heart was as pure as his punch. not just by the way he spoke, but also by the way he acted. Wherever Jose went people both young and old followed just to be apart of his liveleyhood,beacuse they saw in him something that most people in this world are not born with. To me I saw ambition and power, to others they saw heroism,success, passion, and selflessness, all the things that in there eyes defined a peoples champ. It was as if the whole world rested on his shoulders and he knew what he had to do with it.

In 1996 Jose Alvarez met the ring for the first time and instantly became in love with the power of the punch. Over time he would train for hours, finding out every way he could improve his art of the glove. Trying to gain ring experience he would often spare with fighters who were bigger than he, but still as time passed their size would mean nothing compared to the speed and grace Jose fought with. Like a predator slowly wearing down his prey Jose would toy with his opponents throwing endless jabs and short uppercuts. Just then as the opponent would step back and try to regain himself Jose would pounce on his opponent with a flurry of punches that seemed to come from ever direction thought possible, eventually overwhelming the opposing fighter and striking fatal blows that would relanquish him victory. Never was threre a challenge Jose would step up to in fear, insted he would embrace it and look for the best way to take his opponent out.

Every fight Jose took on he knew what was at stake if he lost, however losing was never an option for Jose and that’s the way he liked it, fighting for glory and nothing else.In 2001 Jose took the title for Golden Gloves winner, and In 2005 Jose alvarez one the title for best boxer of the bay area, still today his belt sits in Gladiators Gym in redwood city California, as a sign of hope for all the fighters who enter the ring. Jose's passion and dedication for the fight he loved would surely make him one of the premier fighters in professional boxing coming out. Knowing this Jose would sometimes express the excitement and the burden that all his success was taking on him, and would like to just sit and talk about anything outside of the ring. He would share his desire to be a good father for his kids when he has a family of his own and the want to be able to provide a life much better than he had experienced so far. He would share his love for Christ as well and the faith that drove him in the ring, something that many people would never had bothered to know. Jose knew the things to come were great and he wanted to take any and all that would join him on his journey to potential greatness.

One year after Jose had become the champ some people knew he would be at the age of 19, Jose was on his way home from school crossing along the tracks of the Redwood City Cal Train where he was suddenly struck and killed instantly by an oncoming train on April 6th, 2006. His death and the worlds loss of a champ left a void in the hearts of many who knew him, and the world of boxing wept with remorse for it's lost son. Jose's passing left many people with the question "what if", because it is so hard to understand how a person with so much promise in life could be taken so shortly from this world, and though people may never know, in the end God does.

Today nothing seems to make sense anymore for a fighter. It is as if a piece of their soul was taken that day, and only time could heal the pain. The gym that Jose once lived in is now still and without a fighter to call it home. The People who witnessed Jose fight may have only witnessed a boxer, but what they failed to realize was the heart of a champ that dwelled within him. Jose had become a champ over the course of his life though he realized it or not. He walked with an invisible Title belt everyday that only few could see, but despite what Jose never accomplished professionally, Jose's passion for the ring and love for the boxing is something that will never be forgotten as long as time goes on, and will always be gazed upon as an example of what and how a champ should be.

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