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Letter to my older Sister Didi who is suffering from cancer.

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), December 04, 2011

Doctors have detected cancer (Lymphoma Cervical Adenopathy) in my elder sister. She is residing far away from me in Montreal Canada.

My dear Didi,

With faith and prayer on my lips I am writing you this letter. Other day when we talked I felt your fear and pain. I hanged my phone down but the echoes of your sobs made me understood that things have changed. Life is not going to be same and understood that we need to have faith in God. The only healing belief of hope would keep you strong to fight this disease. This disease is curable. Didi, I know the quality which our mother imbibed in you and that has always made you a winner. You toiled hard to establish your business. You single mindedly pursuit your goal and attained excellence. Your accomplishments are commendable. At this juncture the truth explicitly defines our relation, which we nurture and share. And the truth is that doctors have detected cancer and your brother knows that you have in you the great warrior to battle this disease. I know you can do this.

Together we lived the best time too. “We had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun.” Now I am recalling the moments of our cherished memories…I wish to unlock the period so that we travel back to our best times and relive those glorious colorful days. You were always a brilliant student. You were hardly nineteen when you got married. On your marriage we were so excited and happy. What a wonderful days spent at Air force Station New Delhi. I am sure you remember Mittu, Kavita, Tapas, Winnie, Simon, Gordy, Stanely, Shiela Chandran and many more.…….As the time passed on we all got sucked into the rigger mole of life. Never knew the unpredictable time would unleash its fury. We lost some where our innocence. And now with my sense of loss and apprehension I wish to regain the same puerile days with you. I want you to know that your brother loves you a lot. Do you remember how we used to sit around mom to hear from her the tragic times of partition?

I accept now that everything is not well? It is so suffocating. I never knew that our lives would change so much. The lost of our younger sister in 1986 and thereafter demise of our mother1999 and then the death of daddy caused unbearable agonies to us. The shocking experiences conspired to disintegrate the family from six members to three.

The capricious vaults of my conscious mind so foolishly weaved the wishful tapestry of life and I couldn’t foresee the consequential crises, which may befall on us. And this I understood only when I got a call from you those doctors detected cancer. Initially I tried to pacify you but as you narrated, I realized that things are serious.

Now I look back and think that why on earth we lived with differences? Why we worked overtime to exert vehemently to castigate the views, which was not in line with the consenting constructive thoughts of our mother? I did not know the irrelevance of such discussion or arguments. Yes, when fear is genuine I find reasons appear with a dissent note over my immaturity. As I go back to archives to measure life in terms of gain and to my utter disbelief I found that universal concept of dogmatic views had rather robbed off the sheen of my innocence, love, affection and compassion towards our own. I got sucked into the phenomenal corrosive and absurd timidity of erratic mindset. I own up now, that it was never a deliberate choice; rather it was imposed on me or may be my acquired sense of insensitivity denied me the foresight to look beyond the corridors of my perceptions. I wish I could have done that. With differences in our life we stood apart as stranger not knowing that there is a strong linkage of our relation from the same womb. And now, when I see you suffering, truth is revealing; our bonds are much stronger. The vagaries of life at times had conspired to obliterate our relations but the bonds are much stronger to be weaned out. I am with you my dear sister.

In your last visit to India I was happy that you were the guest of honor in my regimental reunion. I am glad that you enjoyed your stay with my unit. I know you relished very much the display of regimental pipe band.

I know that you have a great husband who loves you very much. I can very proudly vouch that he is a true gentleman. With your well groomed kids your family is certainly doing pretty well. Credit goes to you my dear Didi. I am so proud to see you as very successful lady; who dared to venture out in the field of business. Your entrepreneurial skills fetched you handsome results.

Having said al this I request my sister that have faith in God and I know with your strength you would not only endure this disease but win over too. You have everything in you to withstand the testing time of your life. No matter what may come but your brother stand by you. I pray for your long life. Didi I love you.

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By Marcy Lynne on December 05, 2011 at 02:12 pm

I am so touched by your sharing of this letter. You have dared to expose the tenderest of memories, and the pain of self-examination about your shortcomings. A beautiful piece of writing, and an intimate look into your soul. I am praying for your sister. I mean that. My husband has survived two forms of cancer, and I know the pain of loving someone who has to face it. God bless you both.

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By Uttam Gill on December 05, 2011 at 08:20 pm

Thank you Mercy...with God's grace my sister would fight out this disease. You know Mercy, self examination is must and that’s how we correct our disposition...

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By Betty B. on December 16, 2011 at 05:10 am

This really touched me Gill thanks for daddy dies with cancer in 1986

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By Uttam Gill on December 18, 2011 at 05:42 am

Betty it is sad and sorry to know...We just cannot turn our face from the reality...God knows when we will win over this deadly disease...

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