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Why Not Today?

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), December 03, 2011

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To be or not to be...If the choice is to be happy then why not today

You are man within a real man…you are not an accident…you are not destined to suffer…you have avenues…you have options…Life is full of alternatives…Sing a song for yourself…I am not into sermons …I am talking to myself and isn’t this is your voice too…what we are harping for and why we are insisting to prove …nothing my friend…nothing…just for one day look into your gains and losses…Gains are much more, then say loudly that to hell with the loss…I need to move forward…No matter what may come remember the basic instinct of yours…you don’t want pains…you want happiness…you wish to be jubilant …You hate pain from the core of your heart and when it is so you care to hoots for any insignificant factors which demeans you as undesirable entity…Just for one day let your heart says that life is fine…feel the nature…inhale the fragrance of the nature…adore the natures beauty…you would see how life begin to dance for you…life is not an illusion neither the happiness both are real…we are living in real times…let us live…let’s not live like a dead man…just for one day don’t look beyond…look into yourself…you will find a world so happy just waiting to come out…We are mortal and we have no better choice than to live in the given time with our crowing happiness…we need to my friend…we all have within us the basic or the core instinct to be happy…Just for one day We sing…We live as we are born to live happy…Why not we dance and rejoice…? WHY NOT TODAY…Just for one day give pause for a while and ask yourself how the life is so far. It is very commonly believed that life sucks but we always wish to live this life. Life never sucks… Under the sun, the moon, the stars, in the meadows, in plains, in deserts, in jungles, in mountains and in deep ocean life thrives…Life never sucks…Just for one day look into your life you have reason to smile…If not then find one…Don’t just sit with sullen face…hold…hold for a while…Decide not to fake your smile…Look into the mirror, you look so beautiful with your smile…Look at other people’s gaze how they appreciate your smile…I am not asking you to pretend…If your sorrows are real so as your happiness…Make a right choice…Do it as you did it as child…Keep the innocence of child in you…Just for one day decide not to give up…decide not to get stifled…You are born free…You are not a burden to yourself; you are facilitator of your own happiness. Fall outs of the life are not the determinants of our happiness…fall outs are fall outs and needs to be taken as waste…no need crying over that…It won’t fetch desired fulfillment. Don’t borrow wisdom from the sad man…Their wisdom is seduction into the filth of unnerving and unending vicious circle…Just for one day look into your dreams…talk to yourself with dreams in your eyes…Feel like an emperor…like a conqueror…Not the one who after slaughtering dance over the dead bodies of conquered ones…You are an emperor to yourself…conquer the sickening thoughts…You have your domain…your own world to live and rule like a king…and do it majestically. WHY NOT TODAY?

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By Felicia Stevenson on December 03, 2011 at 10:48 am

Great arcticle Uttam. If I may make one suggestion, I would tell you to use more line spacing. Create paragraphs, or in this case, just put one thought per line. It just becomes very difficult to read, as it's hard on the eyes.

Love the message!

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By TonyBerkman on December 04, 2011 at 01:29 am

I love the message too. It's powerful. Spacing would enable readers to take a breather and take in what you are writing before they move to the next paragraph. You have tremendous wisdom and passion to share. I believe your message will resonate and open up to more readers if you follow Felicia's recommendation.

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By Uttam Gill on December 04, 2011 at 11:38 pm

Thanks Falicia for your valuable suggestions...I have noted for future compliance...I am glad that you liked my article

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By Uttam Gill on December 04, 2011 at 11:41 pm

Thank you so much Tony...You always encourages me...Yes, I will keep in mind the suggestions as Falicia recommended.

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