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Stormy Weather.

by FaramirArts (writer), Los Angeles (Santa Monica), December 02, 2011

Toto! I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!

Today is the day after LA was hit byt gusts of 140 mile an hour winds. They toppled signs, moved street benches not tied to the pavement, and leveled many trees throughout the area. In case you weren't aware of it, hurricane strength winds are anything over the 85 mph level. And there are yet those who would dismiss Global Warming or Climate Change. A recent study (the origin of which I am currently blanking on) has determined that, not only is the temperature rising at an alarming rate (with a possible 10 degree jump in the next twenty years), but that the severity of these storms are not going to abate but will continue to get even more devastating.

We in LA it seems (up until the last month or so) had been enjoying the weather I would have experienced were I still on the East Coast. While those of you on the East Coast have been experiencing our usual weather. Drought and torrential rains are the norm for the region I live in, and yet even the very earth was cracking in DC and its surroundings.

We as a Country cannot continue to ignore this swing in weather patterns and think that if we click our collective heels three times it will all go away.

Also in case you haven't heard it, there is an old Chinese Curse that comes to mind: "May you live in Interesting Times."

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