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Lose, Lose for the EU

by Philip F. Harris (writer), Maine, December 02, 2011

EU headed for bank takeover? Will the Central Bank end EU-member sovereignty?

Either the European Central Bank will gain financial sovereignty over the 17 nation union, or EU nations will suffer financial chaos. In order to 'win the trust of investors,' nations are being asked, threatened actually, to turn over their budget approvals to a central financial authority that can tel each country what and how they can spend their money. So basically, the banks, Wall Street, investors will dictate public policy for the 17 nations. The claim is that failure to do so will result in financial ruin with 'investors' unwilling to euro-nation bonds.

Can this be any more blatant? From what has been said, EU members will have to slash budgets, meaning loss of public jobs, pensions, heath, education ... in order to appease bankers. Is this the New World Order? The new world oligarchy? Why, any reasoning person should ask, do we continue to allow "INVESTORS" dictate public policy?

What is truly uncertain is whether or not events like the "Occupy" movement will have any impact on such moves by the rich and powerful. Has the growth in Wall Street power, as witnessed by their blatant disregard for anything-people, nation, climate, environment-become so strong that nothing can stand in their way as they seize control of every aspect of life? This are coming to a head in almost every human endeavor. 2012 is shaping up to be an interesting year.

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