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Death of a Soldier

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), December 02, 2011

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Unmindful of the consequences soldiers accomplish the task in war but the when he comes back he encounters the harsh reality of life and he gives up...

Within the fence of Armed forces camp its different ball game. One just cannot imagine without barricades, barbed wires, guard post, guard room, Check post, siren, search light, observation towers and many more to define as impenetrable fort. For the onlooker from the other side of the fence barricaded garrisons, cantonments or any armed forces establishment gives a restricted imagination of confinement only. This is the general perception of general public.

Other day People in thousands were assembled there to receive the dead body of a brave soldier…who unmindful of consequences gave his life for the country. He should be honoured; therefore, coffin was placed on a truck so that people can pay obeisance to the martyr. It passed through the main streets and lastly at the central square where in thousands people were gathered to pay the homage. Fiery speeches made, with people reminded and assured of that this sacrifice won’t go waste. It continued and culminated into funeral. Thereafter the long years of wailing mother would be there to live; she would brood over the memories…will visit cemetery to lay flower at his grave…She will look into the album her son but she won’t get her son back. He is dead.

How about those who comes back alive? Certainly is not that simple as it is perceived and projected in media. Talk shows over the dead bodies and war torn soldiers lack finer sensitivity and sensibility…what are these talk shows meant for…is it to promote the anchor or the TV Channels…The content of the talk with sobbing mothers, dejected soldiers, orphans, widows and old parents as participants cruelly circumvent the core issue of pain of these people which remain unaddressed.

In utterly chaotic situation no one wish to live but many are destined to accept the fate. They rescind to the twisting fate in delirium of miserable and hopeless state of mind. The existence of God comes into fray of our mind when for years peace refuse to set in and the blood bath continue. The booming gun shakes the earth and thereafter when the guns are silent... the wailing shrieks from the smouldering remains pierce the silence of death. No distinction can be made between the charred objects; everything gets mingled; beneath the surface of fallen debris life cease to exist in recognizable state. The calamites of war torn countries and people cannot be understood in burning journals of News paper or revealing commentaries of TV channels…Individual accounts of miseries(may it be civilians or soldiers) gets dwarfed by giant participatory entities(TV Channels) with sheer callousness. Peace eluding us for decades. Orphans, widows, young and old ones with limbs lost looks into the wilderness and they are directionless…directions make no sense to them because they know now death comes unannounced not knowing from where…The soldiers dying…fighting hard… The deafening sound of guns… the smoke billowing out from the smouldering remains depicts very deceptively the destruction but not the collateral damage of human psych …Nobody sees the tear of soldiers…They are presumed to be only worth noticing in ceremonial burial or commemoration ceremony…Baring few, many media reporters fails to look beyond. The visuals of booming guns and the smoke is considered as perfect depiction for any Television Channel…Live coverage of dead people; rest is secondary or I would say sundry to them

Many of us talk about war veterans…If I am not mistaken especially in United States the veterans of Vietnam War is a subject which people exhaustively talk…Many academic debates were conducted on this…the true account of war veterans being talked widely in print as well as electronic media …How many must have heard about ramification of this exposure…one day they were hero…with rousing welcome they were greeted…and other day they become unsung heroes…With passage of time they fail to come to the terms given to them by the civil society…many got nervous breakdown…How it could happen to a diehard…war hardened soldiers…Many living as recluse…These heroes are lost into the oblivion…with their glorious past and pale present they certainly couldn’t make the distinction between their conflict within self and the harsh reality…

Why is it so that same very people who endures the the severest time but gives up in normal time… The extreme dangerous situation in war could never deter them…Why they give up when they come back from war…and that too when there is no danger to their life. I wonder and looks into the various aspects of life…I try to find reasons and my frustrating squabbling piece of own perplexity never let me arrive at any conclusion. Why they fail to live as normal? Why they give up? In my own chaotic world of thoughts the inconclusive conjectures mesmerizes me…puzzles me and baffles me that how indecisive I could be…Yes I am but why? Am I suppose to hang on like this with no answer or I accept as it is…How can I? I was a soldier and still I am…How can I give up…I need to find an answer…DO YOU HAVE ANY ANSWER TO THIS

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By D. Sager on December 02, 2011 at 10:41 am

War is not over when the battles are won or lost. It continues on in the lives of those caught in the fray. I know many soldiers that suffer with lasting effects, both physical and emotional. When faced with raw and uncensored suffering our minds can revolt. When our bodies and our families have suffered great injury fighting a battle we do not understand, our souls can throw away hope. This is why many give up, it is hard to have hope when you've seen the brutalization of humanity. Answers? There are no simple ones, but ours is to acknowledge the suffering of those left behind, and comfort them to the best of our ability. The rest is left to them to find their solace again. A journey only they can make, but they can make it with our help.

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By Uttam Gill on December 02, 2011 at 11:13 pm

You have very rightly supplemented my views. Thanks Sager

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