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Seduction of the Gentleman

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), November 30, 2011

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"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver." If the gentleman needs to be defined as gentleman he must be different from others. He must be nicely dressed for the occasion, humble, respectful and well groomed.

No matter what the provocation or temptation there is he keeps his image untarnished amidst all chaos around. He holds all the temptation at bay. While at a party he respectfully and gracefully conducts himself with those of the opposite sex. If lady smiles at him he should smile back and with a stiff neck look around those scanning eyes pretending ignorance.

The revealing cleavage of bulging bosomsshould never tempt him to fall from grace to look deeper with lecherous eyes. He must never indulges in this. While dancing with a lady he must ensure that he holds her delicately. He must remain cool and show gentle restraint. Upon escorting the lady back home after the of party a gentleman must ensure that he maintain "the distance of grace." The "saga" of being a gentlemen is written in these golden words.

Here is a different and very sad account of seduction of the gentleman. One good day the gentleman was invited to the party by one influential businessman of the town. He reached the party right on time and was immaculately dressed for the occasion. It was a wintry night and he was greeted at the entrance by the hostess.

Thereafter it was a story of the town that the gentleman was arrested for stealing the charm of a lady. THE PUNSHMENT DEFINED FOR THIS WAS 20 YEARS IN JAIL. The next day he was in the court of Judge Roy, a Judge famous for awarding exemplary punishments. The Judge asked the gentleman to describe exactly what happened, the previous evening.

The gentleman stated: “My lord I reached Mr. Benjamin's house and I was received by Lora, oh! I am sorry I mean to say Mrs. Benjamin. She looked deeply into my eyes. Shethen proceeded to take me next to the the fire place and before I could say a word she ordered me a Brandy as it was a very cold night. I am not a hard drinker, My Lord. The music was on as I gulped the brandy down my throat I noticed Lora looking at me suggestively.

My lord I couldn’t took my eyes off of her. She was stunningly beautiful. I attempted to get-hold of myself and asked for one more, that out of nervers, gulped in one shot. I was doing my utmost to be firm on my senses. The next thing I knew is that Mrs. Benjamin came and stood right next to me. I pretended to be under control but her revealing cleavage irresistibly invited my attention deep down into her bosoms. I felt ashamed for my act; but Mrs. Benjamin took my hand and pulled me into the corridor that leads to her bed room.

I cautioned Mrs. Benjamin, My Lord, that if we get caught Judge Roy will not spare us and will punish us.”

At this judge Roy got mighty pleased and reduced the sentence by five years. He then asked with curiosity, “Then what happened.”

The Gentleman replied, “My Lord she did not agree. She pulled me to her room and hugged me." I said, "not beyond this for if we get caught Judge Roy will not spare us and will severly punish us.”

At this Judge Roy was even more pleased and reduced the sentence by another five years. He further asked, “Then what happened?”

The gentleman replied, “My lord she did not agree and she pulled my clothes off; my legs were trembling and my eyes began to tear. I begged Mrs. Benjamin that we not go beyond this as if we get caught Judge Roy will not spare us and will severely punish us.”

Judge Roy was thrilled at this and he reduced the sentence by nine years. Inquiring further Judge Roy asked, “Then what happened.” The Gentleman answered, “My lord all my pleadings were in vain and Mrs. Benjamin did not agree and took her clothes off and pulled me over.”

Now excitedly the Judge asked “Then what happened.”

The Gentleman answered, “My lord I said TO HELL WITH JUDGE ROY and I did it, yes I said TO HELL WITH JUDGE ROY."

The court of Judge Roy was immediately adjourned on the very next hearing the Gentleman was awarded with an exemplary punishment for which JUDGE ROY was famous. That was to hang the gentle man. "Seduction by the Gentleman" they say is the story around town but the seducer is roaming scott free.

What is the moral of this story?

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