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Gov. Angelides and Other Fairy Tales

by J. La Mont (writer), , September 27, 2006


What does a functional subway system, affordable beach housing and Governor Angelides have in common? None will exist in LA anytime soon. Like the best fairy tales this one has a moral we could all le

Not that long ago the Governator poll numbers were falling fast as he suffered crushing defeats of his special-election measures. Anti-republican sentiment rose with the Iraqi death toll and gas prices. Red states like Kansas and Wyoming have Democrats leading their gubernatorial races. Angelides being the Democratic contender in the bluest state seemed poised for victory but that time has long since passed.

According to the latest poll from Public Policy Institute of California, Gov. Schwarzenegger is leading 48% to 31%. Why? Both sides ran to the left after the primaries. Arnold went after the fast growing political demographic in California, the independents, and stole Angelides thunder by raising the minimum wage, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and divesting from Sudan. Angelides chose to never define himself, never build a comprehensive message of why we should vote for him; only on the dangers of what Arnold (the man who just did more liberal acts in the last month then most prominent Democrats have done all year) would do after the elections. This enigma and fear campaign has led to 43% of Angelides own party looking elsewhere.

Come November the best politician will win. When the voters are confronted with two millionaires backed by special interest groups they are going to choose the one they trust regardless of the D or the R by their name. The only real question this November is if Angelides’s monumental failure will be his alone or will Republicans live happily ever after with victories in close referendums and races across the state against uninspired Democrats who don’t show up.

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By Ariel on September 27, 2006 at 10:27 pm
great article
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By Mitchell P. on September 29, 2006 at 12:51 am
You are wrong to say that Angelides has not defined himself well. He's painted a very clear picture of what he would set out to accomplish as Governor. Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger hasn't let us in on any real plan at all (don't forget that was elected on little more than his notoriety & a few sounbites about "fixing California"). You fail to mention that Schwarzenegger has HUGE advantages over Angelides: his megastar status makes him universally known, and he's the incumbent. For both these reasons, he gets massive MEDIA converage the likes of which Angelides has been unable to compete with. That's why you & others feel he's not defined himself well enough. The truth is that he's the most well-defined candidate in years but lacks media coverage.
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By J. La Mont on September 29, 2006 at 01:55 am
Mitchell you are absolutely right that incumbents have advantages in media AND in money. This being said I just want to state that I have graduated in honors in Politics, hosted a political talk radio show and spent 2 years working for the Dems so I'm not a complete idiot, just somewhat. Beating Arnold the persona, let alone the politician, was no easy matter but the armor was cracked after the special elections. In the media mecca that is California, Angelides could have told the voters what he is and what he would do in a clear, concise manner. Instead he went straight to the attack that has been a hallmark technique of his career. Arnold, like Clinton in 96, recovered from overplaying his hand and ran towards the middle usurping most his opponents points. By the time Angelides shifted gears, the voters had stopped listening and the campaign loss traction. There are many factors for Angelides upcoming loss but in the end the blame rests upon him and him alone. Perhaps you could write an Op-Ed peice on why the voters should vote for change and thanks for comments.
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