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Poem Four: Rehabilitation

by Ahsan Daredia (writer), Karachi, Pakistan, November 27, 2011

Out of an intoxicating feeling, a bitter love and a shadow partner.

I slowly stumbled into a trance,

Though my life was no Waltz, just a casual prance.

For years I moved slow and drunken,

I've raised my ship from the dead, which was once sunken.

Around I spun in a toxic love.

You jarred my soul out of it's shell,

I slowly got closer to the edge, the cliff above the abyss before I fell.

My portions of mind, body and soul were stolen, used.

Even I'm a mortal, I no longer fear death which you abused.

You are no angel, neither human; you're a phantom.

I'm fortunate enough to have met you,

Your dynamic intentions injured my wings, yet I still flew.

Power was caged, I promise I won't be bitter.

Get lost, and find others to lure with your fake glitter.

The hot embers have turned lukewarm, yet the scars still remain.

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