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I Miss You Mom

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), November 26, 2011

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Mother is all I could feel when I think of Love…so pure…so honest…She is gone…leaving me alone…Remembering her

11 years back I lost my mother. Her last days were really very painful. She tried hard and ultimately gave up because she couldn't bear the pain. I witnessed her rapid degeneration which subsequently turned into multi system atrophy. She endured the agonizing moments with dignity which left an indelible mark over me. I need to answer her by following her. I still remember the scorching heat of Indian summer the way she kept us safe. Yes, you kept us safe in all the weather. How can I forget the long black hair; the sight of you sitting out in the sun with hair open in one of those cold Sunday during winters. She was a great friend and help to our neighbors…though culturally from different back ground she embedded well with alien culture. I can vividly recall the time at railway station of Chandigarh when we were waiting for the transport to fetch us. And right now I am hearing the train whistling past and beyond the misty steam I see the silhouette of my great mother with steaming cup of tea at that platform… Oh! It was a very severe winter. You nourished us so well. She enriched us by sharing her life time experience. She infused her genetic potential in us to brave the adversity. I wonder ...I really wonder that how she could do so much in so little time. She made us strong to teach the finer sensibilities of life. I still remember the way; she was so particular about cleanliness. She was a strict disciplinarian.

“Oh! My mother how can I forget…I know you always loved me so much…I can never forget your sparkling eyes when I first time in one of the mess party recited a poem…what was that mom…oh! Yes ...It was something like this ‘I had a little pony’… I was in II standard…you were mighty thrilled to see me on the stage…you know mom how I got the courage to be there at stage…it was you who motivated me…It was your song …oh! What a melodious voice… and that song was “yeh bijli giri hey unkey mahal par dua kar gamey dil dua kar(Lightening has strike the castle... pray sad heart…pray…). Now I know that why you preferred to sing those sad songs…Your tears…I saw you crying in silence still you retained the dignified posture…nothing was debatable about you…You were flawless...You just carried on with your head high…You contested for the legitimate rights of your kids and handsomely you won…but lost the battle of your life…You left for heavenly abode on 28th June 2000...It's 11 long years...I know up there in heaven angles must be relishing your company but down here your son missing you…I MISS YOU MY MOM

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By D. Sager on November 27, 2011 at 04:50 pm

excellent Uttam, it's nice to see things from a different cultural perspective. Yet, it remain the same, a mother's love, no matter where it is shown. **clap clap, encore!**

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By Uttam Gill on November 27, 2011 at 11:51 pm

Thanks Sager...

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