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Paper Crafting 'Bankruptcy' - What They Don't Tell You

by Papermood (writer), London, UK, November 26, 2011

Credit: Fabrizio Martellucci
This is a card I made using GCD supplies and wanted to create an old vintage effect

Despite being so much fun, there's one huge financial drawback whilst enjoying a craft hobby, the costs can spiral out of control if you have a hoarding, ahem, collector's attitude.

Well, it started quite innocuously, while watching a well-known shopping channel I decided to buy those 50 sheets of stickers aka peel-offs in the UK. I was making my mental calculations on how much I could 'save' as the presenter rightly put it. Surely I would be able to make inane amount of greeting cards saving myself a fortune beside who doesn't like a handmade card, right ?

Wrong ! Because once you got your stickers, you need also need glue, dotted glue, double sided tape, quick dry glue, low tack glue, a self-healing mat, craft knives, the proper scissors, a guillotine...; it's endless. The passion for paper crafting quickly turn into an obsession for buying the latest kits, tools and what-have-yous. It's shocking but once you join an online craft forum you soon realise you're not alone. Your own credit card bill for thousands pale in comparison to other well established compulsive buyers, opsss, I mean crafters.

Egging themselves on to buy yet more stuff which will we never use, we all 'neeeed' the latest cutie design, fabulous cutting tool never mind we have a few unopened packages stored somewhere, not to mention we won't admit it to ourselves, we can't even find it: so it's easier to buy a new one. It's funny because it is 'oh so very' true for most of us obsessive buyers, sorry, I meant to say paper crafters !

Space is at premium, as we accumulate for our 'we never know I might need it one day' paranoia, we buy yet more storage units so we can stash (a word used a lot between cardmakers and scrapbookers alike) more of our newly bought finds, that were on sale anyway, so think about how much we saved... Like mindless wood boring hungry larvae, we can't have enough of the pressed pulp which comes in a variety of colours, textures and fabulous designs. One minute it's steampunk, the next we like vintage and 'omg' don't forget the cute owls. The trends change almost weekly and you wouldn't be caught dead making your creations with last week fad.

Then one day you suddenly come to the realisation that you might as well plonk a cash register in the middle of your craft room, yep you have to allocate one room in your house to that effect apparently, so stop kidding yourself: you have basically set up a scrapbook store in your own dwelling. You also come to the conclusion that you spent the best part of your credit card limit on so much stuff you cringingly wonder if you'll ever live long enough to use it all. You also believe you need to ring your local fire department to double check that your house is not a fire hazard as your stash is almost hitting the ceiling.

But before making that phone call you remind yourself that the latest craft show is on the television right now, soooo that can wait... Welcome to paper crafting !

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3 comments on Paper Crafting 'Bankruptcy' - What They Don't Tell You

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By Bernoulli's Attic on November 26, 2011 at 09:21 pm

Hi Fab, great article and oh, so true. I do feel I could operate a store from my craft room!

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By Robin C on November 27, 2011 at 12:42 pm

Great article. I try to tell myself that I couldn't possibly need anything more then I see a webisode or someone's project and know I have to have one more thing!! Of course we have to buy, otherwise the companies would stop having all the great stuff and then where would we be?

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By mary helen on November 27, 2011 at 08:27 pm

Fab, you have described me to a T!!!

Fab, you have described me to a T!!!

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