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Ghost to Love

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), November 24, 2011

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As the time goes by…

I know you won’t pretend…

Many a time you have asked many

And I answered nothing

But you in your questions on your own found the answers.

In the formalities of quarries

You enacted and followed the conventions

And you defined me as liar.

I am left with nothing…

I am left with only armor of love

And that too failed to defend me…

I lied that I am not wounded…

I smiled and you never saw the pain oozing out…

You celebrated your question over my smile…

My answers never breathed the life

From the ashes the ghost born

When I lived I failed

I know dead too have stories to live

From the dead …Life lives too

I love you

So what if in your question I am dead

Ghost too love

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Uttam Gill is a writer for BrooWaha. For more information, visit the writer's website.
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By D. Sager on November 24, 2011 at 05:29 pm

You celebrated your question over my smile…

very good Uttam.

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