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This Soft Embrace

by Deanna Meiresonne (writer), Chicago, IL, November 23, 2011

I remember now why hearts don't think twice.

Keep me in your pretty purse, your pocket pens protect my curse.

Keep me in your soft embrace, your button downs a callous taste

A cruel remind,

A cackled case.

I remember now why minds erase.

I keep my heart away from face

the way we breathe, we fall like grace

stumble on my happy place

like children, daylight, streaming, space

I keep my hands where trouble stays

they know my ways, oh they know my ways.

Keep me in your hard-earned smile,

the way I laugh like a little child

You never let me destroy you yet

I try so hard to beat my breast

Your happiness like a little test

My mind, my eye, so dark inside

A centered filled like black, ignite

Our flames bursts on like sparks at night

Keep me from the burns that fright

Keep me from the scars of light

Keep me in your quaking life,

I remember now

why hearts don’t think twice.

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