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A Tale of Woe

by gt281 (writer), State of Denial, November 22, 2011

the mighty warriors from the West now would go in search of the magic ring.

Now that the season of football maximus is in full swing, I thought I’d tell you a tale of woe, death (almost) and misery that happened not long ago in the arena of the gridus maximus.

It’s a true story (mostly)…Well, OK, it’s 100% true.

For you see, I remember a yon year gone by, when two mighty armies did grabble upon the iron grid. Two mighty armies did toil and battle that day, for a gleaming ring and a championship did lay ahead. They fought upon an iron grid in the Eastern lands, two mighty armies that day, one of blue and white (boo, boo, boo), one of the black and silver (yeah, yeah, yeah). They fought from sunrise to sunset that day, the fighting was fierce and many were mangled upon the iron grid. Then a whiteness came unto the Eastern land, but still the mighty armies fought hand to hand. Now the armies were equally matched in almost every way, and the play was long and hard, and neither could slay the other, but then just then, as the shadows grew in number and the face of time grew smaller and smaller, a mighty guard from the black and silver tribe did smack and wack the leather orb to the ground, and then another warrior from the West did pounce upon it, the day was won for the army of the black and silver. Much gladness and toy toots were heard upon the land, for you see, the face upon the dial was almost gone, the mighty warriors from the West now would go in search of the magic ring. The blue and white warriors from the East had been vanquished, this was very plain and all did see.

But then the evil wizard Belichick did throw a scarlet rag upon the whiten grid, which made all the Zebramen say wait. Then the evil wizard Belichick talked to the Zebramen and he protested how the leather orb come to be upon the whiten iron grid. So it was that the leader of the Zebramen went under the black curtain to view upon the silicone screen, just what it was that made the leather orb fall unto the ground. For many ticky tocks the leader of the Zebramen did watch the play upon the silicone screen, but he could not discern whether the Brady arm went back or forward and then he asked his brother Zebraman to view the flickering images and to give unto him, his version of that play. The second Zerbaman did not view the flickering images there, this I can truly say. But unto the head Zebraman he was heard to say.

“Look about this crowd and be afraid, for if the leather orb is not given back unto the warriors of the Eastern lands, the crowd will slay us this very day.”

The head Zebraman then looked into the eyes of the beastly crowd, and agreed that he would like to live another day. So it was that the Zebramen gave back the leather orb unto the warriors of the Eastern lands. It was a woeful ending that day for the warriors of the Western lands. The Zebramen had cheated them once again.

All who dwell in the Raider Nation remember that day, when the Zebramen took glory away…………

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