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Just A Stone

by D. Sager (writer), In the wind, November 21, 2011

hard circumstances will only make you a more beautiful specimen

Consider a stone, lying on the ground,
in plain sight, so many around.
Some have kicked, and others thrown.
But not a soul wants to own.
A cutter came with his skill,
and gathered it from the hill.
Sharp blows came swift, followed by hard thought
Chipping at the skin, all the stone was wrought.
At last being done, held for all to see
a brilliant diamond, from the likes of me...

The blows that I wrote about cause great pain, however, this pain is working for a deeper goal than present satisfaction. I can assure you that future successes can only be gained by present distress and pain. It is of great necessity to have painful experiences, for only in these rough places will the pressure be great enough to create a beautiful life.

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By amity_007 on November 23, 2011 at 01:21 am

great one.. :)

explained beautifully...

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