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Bolinas, 1971

by Notumbus Bumbus (writer), Where I am right now., November 20, 2011

So many things pass us by, unnoticed, and we reach out to them too late.

Why is it I have no memory of you?

All those birds that flew through my heart

Left little trace.

I am certain their bursting from the hedges

Shook me from sleep,

Woke me to the fact

Some bright moment had finally arrived.

But did I grab hold of it’s seductive promise,

Or merely rouse for a moment

To vaguely observe it’s passing,

Only to drift once again toward this Neverland

I thought to be life?

I am certain your hair sets off alarms

In the deep folds of my well-worn memories.

But, that quickly, it fades,

And I am once again only here,

In this sad moment,

Separated from the joy I once knew,

Deep inside your arms.

June, 2010

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By Cloud9 on November 21, 2011 at 07:42 am

Ohhhhhhhh NB, that is so beautiful. I loved every word.

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