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Falling Leaves

by LaurenK (writer), Sydney, November 16, 2011

Credit: By MSVG
Falling Leaves Fallen

A poem about a dying relationship between father and daughter

With every leaf that falls

Our winter sinks deeper,

A current flashing through the earth

it grooves the dirt

like my cream white arm

carrying the scars you carved out

With every leaf that falls

On backs and over heads

ears do not tire

for they lost their function

long ago

so nothing can puncture through

No Saviour

No Hero

No Glue

Can stick back together us - both me and you.

With every leaf that falls

I wander through the desert

The barren land

My hungry hands


For a drip of water to drop

But beer and wine

Fill glasses

And cups shared

to drain tea and milk

The bad and good

The in between

The thirst cannot be quenched

By these men,

The young and old that try

But I’m pleased that it buys me time

Forty days and forty nights

Long and lonely

leaving a weakness that may fault me

at the sake of others

for the faults you placed upon me

Cannot be shed but must be bared

No other can make it mend

and you've placed me

doomed to fail

needing a wing and a shoulder

and I'm left wanting

one and another

father and lover

searching for two that cannot be one

As you drift into thin air

Were you ever even there?

With every leaf that falls

I ask the same question


Why have I been forsaken?

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