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And it’s not over yet…feel the erotic magnificence.

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), November 10, 2011

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It is about the spell of rain and thunder over us. And how the blend of rain, thunder and the sensuality makes us feel the erotic magnificence

Sing a song for yourself others would dance…

Infectious smile would fetch greetings from the one you never expected and once you set the ball in motion then you in triumphing mood creates an aura of irresistible charm. While I am writing this I wish to open the lid for steam to escape so the niceties of charm in its flattering and flirting mode returns me back the molten substance of my erotic world. Don’t catch me wrong and I also believe that you have not understood; yes, midway we know that clouds are gathering and lightning in its acoustic glory creating a perfect scenario to sway. Isn’t the perfect equilibrium of seductive world is emerging. I could see many are raising eyebrows because the eyebrows too play to gallery not knowing that many piercing intuitions read those eyebrows because they see the pleasure and ecstasy dancing on to their sensual lips; their sighs say that they too wish to melt but still they are holding, refusing to submit. And here comes the rain. Nature with its magical touch carves the beauty when bodies acquire shapes…curves’ trying to burst out of seam and the erotic world is sculpturing out of innocence. Desire acquiring the space by aqua crafting delicately the silhouettes of the bodies whereby no curves are left untouched and this curvaceous style leaves you wonderstruck. Hold on folks it is not over yet lightning makes the satin drapes to surrender and it brazenly escapes beyond to kiss the bare skin. Sensation begins to grip you and heat mustering at the core. And is not over yet…thunder make bodies to turn and shiver and from the core the heat melts…is not over yet…countdown has begun…It’s not over yet; when the silence envelops then the heat from the core emerges and engulf the life to dance. Where ever you are my friends these magical moments would hold you. You may be defined as reckless fugitive or maverick or may be a freak perfectionist of the world of fantasy. No matter what they define you, remember you live the moment with desires and that gives you to live another moment and life is sum total of these moments. I am not talking about nocturnal or carnal desires; these are the dictions used in Academic seminars and debates. I am talking about the pure magical opera of our erotic world where we live and feel as one…where we erupt in ecstasy…where we swing in waves…whatever we do…we see the perfection in the symphony of our desires…pure magical desire and many look down this desire with disdain. Hold on, wait a minute; many never sing in isolation because they have desires and they sing. I see my desires carve my way and I see this erotic world in its perfection. It’s not yet over …the most subtle form of this erotic sensuality is visible when we dance. Many over here live the world with eroticist perfection and those who refuse to accept for them also it’s not yet over. Let the rain conceive in them the sensuality and the embryonic feeling would make their body and soul which will surely display the awesome power of erotic magnificence…All those who are at the periphery don’t hesitate just accept the rain and thunder with open arms to arrive at the core of their existence…let the sensuality be seen as repertoire of love…And it’s not over yet…feel the erotic magnificence.

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By Uttam Gill on November 12, 2011 at 10:51 pm

Thanks My barb...sensuality acquires the place of grace when one let the body and soul blend with nature around...The mystic of sensuality permeate my existence beyond and when it happens it creates the urgency in my insatiable urge to dance with the tune of my emotions…And rain empowers me…That one moment of life is worth living in rain

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