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My viewpoint on Occupy Wall Street.

by TrustTomLarsen (writer), , November 06, 2011

This is strickly my opinion of this Occupy Wall Street thing.

Let me say that this post post might piss off some people who are simpathetic with Occupy Wall Street.

My opinion is based on several things, some new, some old, some value generated.

This week I passed a insulation company that had a help wanted sign up, a Starbucks that had a help wanted sign up and a relocating restaurant that says "Now Hiring".

If Occupy Wall Street is about jobs, there are jobs available, maybe not in your area of expertise but there are jobs. And you know what? If you do a great job there (not just good), other employers may take notice (one of my friends, an insurance agency owner, recruits at banks). It is hard to find great employees who go above and beyond the hourly wage.

This past week, I went to a Subway to get lunch, luckily I was 2nd in line. Pretty soon the line grew to 10+ people, with only 2 people working behind the sandwich making line. One called out to the 3rd person hidden in the back kitchen - "Jen, what time is your break over" she called out. "12:08" was the shout back (it was 11:58 am). Is this the work ethic an employer is getting for his employment?

It wasn't about doing what was right (jumping in and helping with the lunch rush), it was about me, me, me and my break time - forget about your business! If this is what Occupy Wall Street is about - keep protesting your lack of work ethics and lack of doing whatever it takes for someone who signs your paycheck.

Our father's and grandfathers worked two (and some three) jobs to keep bread on the table, a roof over your head and Mom at home taking care of the kids. Their work ethic was incredible, never complaining, shoving coal or working in the steelmill or collecting garbage at 3 am. I realize this is a totally different time we live in but doesn't need you have to compromise your values and/or work ethic.

I also realize the $40,000 or $50,000 jobs might not be out there but there is nothing wrong working at a Wegmans until a better job opens up (they are hiring by the way).

If Occupy Wall Street is about $20 million dollar bonuses - I get that and agree with it too. CEO's don't deserve that much credit or money for making a business successful. But they haven't said that this is what the protest is about.

I insure several Yemen people, some of whom have a hard time with English. They work in gas stations/deli's, drive Mr Softy ice cream trucks and work in liquor stores. No glamorous jobs there but it helps them support their displaced families who moved here from a far distant country.

What our country needs to do is get back to this type of work ethic - not the "I am owed this" type of attitude.

I am going to turn around President John Kennedy's famous quote "It is not what your employer can do for you, it's what can you do for your employer?"

Work Ethic - I say a lost value.

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By TonyBerkman on November 14, 2011 at 04:24 am

A recent post from a blogger I found on who writes about his observations about "Occupy Chapel Hill" and why the media shouldn't generalize about the protestors.

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