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Is the wind unstoppable?

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), November 01, 2011

It is about the legitimate happiness which we are entitled to. It is a comprehension of a mind which refuses to yield to unjust beliefs

Stories sell like a hot cake and where as reality of life on the contrary at times crawl disguisedly with no one to buy the real disgusting punch lines of sordid human relation. Yes I am touching the most intimating and intimidating subject of human relation.

Go and ask those people who have been deprived of the relation which they dreamt of. As they grew with their age and their hearts must have pounded adolescently over the relation they established and ventured into the life of their dream. Alas! Many relations get sour or terminated for one reason or another. There after begin the saddest part of life. All rituals, customs, traditions, dogmas, norms, moral judgment etc comes in to orchestrate the life of unblessed. Mercilessly tearing apart the fibre of human relation and turn those individual lives into a contesting platform of good and bad. We never imagine how they lived. In one moment their life shattered not knowing what to do and where to go. They are looked upon with pity. The probing nerve breaking questions and scanning eyes mutate a person and in the name of god solace is given to them that this was god’s wish. And many others make them to believe that it’s because of their previous life Sins which they committed and this life is given to penance for those sins. So they have to suffer. I vehemently object to this. It sounds ridiculous and who are they? So cruelly they framed disgusting beliefs? Our time is the victim of false legacy. Here myths and fictional stories are rewarded and on the contrary the real life sufferings of those individuals are looked upon as inevitable. I cry over all those relations which have gone sore. I beg; for god sake stop battering the bruised souls but does my begging, my prayers, my cries; my moan can ever stop the prevailing system of belief to let this happen. Starvation within me always raises the siren but the cacophony of monstrous belief muffle my voice.

Think of those moments when somebody with all purity committed the relation for love and as the love parted not knowing how they must have dragged themselves to move further in life, how they must have spent days after days and nights after nights thinking only that why it happened. Thousands of times they must have looked back into those happy days of love, hundreds of hours must have been exhausted to contain tears and yet tears escaped with no one to wipe. They wept and silently they lived those moments may be in dark corners of their room or silently in the crowd moving as normal individuals. My dear friends think about those painful moments and the tyranny of isolation over those individuals. The haunted memories and loneliness come back mockingly every day to them. Each day they are at alter to die in the name of belief and they are deprived of the most essential nutrient that is love. Yes my friend they exist among us, they walk among us and they do smile over our joys but each day they are going through agonizing moments. They are vulnerable not because they are weak it’s because they are not loved. They do have feelings. They wish to talk, they wish to share, they need a space to be shared by someone, and they wish to be in love and to be loved; like any normal individual wishes to.

Relations are supposed to sustain love and once that cease to do it becomes compromise. This compromise is not a mean term but it is a term of purpose to ensure harmony so that other lives do not get affected. Life is journey with a purpose. With no hope in sight less blessed are expected to remain confined to their world of sorrows. In the name of god all their rights extinguished and even if they dare to venture out in search of that love they were called sinner and with choicest social vocabulary they are mercilessly crucified at the altar of social norms and customs etc. I am told that if we don’t have checks then there will be an anarchy and chaos, I laugh at this and in bewilderment think, is it so and that too over the miseries of people. I raise my voice again and ask those who wish not to be questioned but even then a hope within me tempt me to pose a question to them-Do they have heart? Do they know that there are marital discords? Do they know there are widows/widowers? Do they know people need love? Do they know how life can be hell without love? Do they know there are betrayals? Do they know there are desires and dreams? Do they know there are people abused and they do have right to live life with love once again? Do they know how the life is hell to them whose days are spent in loneliness? Do they know the tyranny of isolation? Many more questions can be asked and if they don’t know then I am afraid they do not know what love is. What kind of a relation they must be into? And they are not permitting the relation of love to bloom. At the first instance it should be understood that why relations are established. It is established because of reason to love and to be loved and nothing else beyond this. Ask those who are in love. And do think of them also who are less blessed; their life is subjugated to the crippling belief.

Those who are going to sleep tonight with no one besides and their eyes wide open; may I tell them that to look at those stars with dreams in eyes and prayers on their lips. "Buhey Baria Kanda Tap key Awa Gi Hawa Ban Key"(It means that love will come as wind through doors, windows and scaling the wall)… IS THE WIND STOPPABLE?

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By Uttam Gill on November 04, 2011 at 01:50 am

Thanks my barb...Yes very true we all need to look beyond to understand...Youi humble me by your kind words...

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