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The Epiphany/Realization

by The Truth (writer), , November 08, 2011

Just a simple poem that can help you think, and if you don't think; at least it gives you something to scoff at.

I'm never gonna die.

I said, I'm never gonna die.

If God ever comes for me, then I will be ready/

I am never gonna die.

I see a world full of slaves,

feel the world move in place.

Feel the sand crush your fear,

and you will know who I am.

We bend ouselves to joy,

but people are meant to destroy.

Kiss the wings as she flies,

stop the moon at sunrise.

Happiness help the ring,

the bouncing fertile spring.

Sing the sirens 'round,

oppose the the birds' sound.

And you will know who I am.

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