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Please, Thank you, You're Welcome

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Give me treats!

Just in time for Halloween when complete strangers are handing candy to your children. And you'll have to say 100 times or more: "Now what do we say?" A reluctant reminder on niceties.

The foibles of parents can create blind spots for kids and even as a parent when you want to provide broad, correct and useful guidance--sometimes you can't get out of your own way to see that you are biased. Case in point: niceties.

Please, Thank you, You're Welcome. Are they necessary to get you what you want in life? Yes. Are they what civilized, enlightened people say to one another? Yes. Do they expend extra energy & time to say and sometimes smack of formality and expose weakness? Yes. Back in college, when I was learning to direct television programs and television news especially--there was no "please." There were short, barked commands and then stuff got magically done. I loved that because my dad was right, I was put on this planet to boss people around. Well someone has to do it.

In raising a 2-year-old, economy of words has worked fine especially since she's just learning to talk.

She'd say with excalating panic: "Where monkey, where monkey?" "Here," I'd say as I automatically hand the stuffed animal to her.

"Want raisins!"and I hand her the box, as she snatches it and runs away.

"More milk!" and I simply hand her the cup. It was so simple: she expressed what she wanted/needed, I understood, I fulfilled. This was my life.

But perhaps I've been programmed to give and accept orders because that is simply "what Kali would do". (WWKD?) When our daughter was able to start putting correct nouns and verbs together a few months ago, we were absolutely thrilled. If it was an acceptable action or desire, we just did it. We didn't put any emphasis on niceties because it would just complicate matters. This is not to say that I didn't use niceties ever. I did and do. If she does something I ask or gives me something, I thank her and God knows I ask her with "please..." and then employ a mountain of patience that I didn't know I possessed. I have never said "please" so much nor waited so long as she decides she wants to put her shoes on. But I digress.

A few weeks ago, one of our toddler friends was visiting us with his parents. His most excellent manners became immediately self-evident when he said "thank you" every time he received something. My husband and I were so impressed and a little alarmed. Our daughter is 2 months older than him with a firm vocabulary already but this polite behavior does not happen. My husband was all concerned, "We need to work on this!"

The final straw was a week ago at preschool co-op when after inhaling her first helping of grapes, dry cereal and cut strawberries, our daughter proclaimed, "More gwapes! More gwapes!" To which my response was to just reach for the spoon and start dumping more grapes on her napkin. As soon as I started doing that, a mom who was right next to me looked at her and said in a saccharinely sweet sing-song, smack down voice, "What's the magic word?" I froze. Oh snap--we just got corrected by another mom. It burns, it burns!

So here we are in "nicety bootcamp," where even I am now having to remember that every exchange, every request, every action probably requires one of these things to be said. But our daughter is on to us and just rolls through the list, hoping that one of the magic words works "peese-tankoo-welcome?" That's my girl, efficiency at it's best.

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By Felicia Stevenson on November 08, 2011 at 01:38 am

Awesome post! Very funny. It is certainly important to use these niceties, and too many people forget about them. I've wanted to strangle the bosses who just barked orders at me, and I didn't work for them very long ;)

So you can imagine I didn't like it when my two year old was barking orders at me! LOL They learned young. LOL

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