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Yes. Let's Occupy Wall Street

Credit: Vegeterian Star
Banking, what will be their next great idea?

For the level of stupidity that banks often display, they deserve to get occupied.

Once there was a bank, let's call it C, and the bank would not provide credit for its loyal customer, R, who had been with C for many years. Even though C kept taking R's money, she always had good excuses why she would not yield. “You're not from here,” she'd say. But then R moved here, and two years later, C ran out of excuses, and one day, just like this, she offered R a credit card.

It was blue and smooth, and had diamonds on it, and although R's limit was only $300, he was delighted. Now, he thought, he could build his credit history, and become a true American, with debt, and lots of other useless things he'd always wanted. That will make C love him even more, he thought.

So every month R would religiously spend between $250 and $280 on all the things he didn't need. He was careful not to reach the dreaded $300 limit, and made sure to open every envelope with C's name on it. Most of the them he tossed (C always asked for more), but once a month, when he got the one with numbers and lines, he'd immediately fill his pocket with some change, and hurry to give C what she deserved.

So the happy relationships continued for some time, until R decided to buy a house, and the the first one to know about it was C. But a few days later, a letter from C was shoved under R's door. With trembling hands he opened it. To his great dismay, R had to face the sadness we all know so well, his love to C was not reciprocated.

“Dear R,” the letter opened, “I'm so sorry but I can't give you the mortgage you need. You see, you are already utilizing over 90% of your credit line. Please call me if there is anything else I can do for you,” the letter ended.

Still hoping to change of heart, R spent hours on the phone, arguing persuading, trying to change C's mind. But to no avail. He swore that he'd never sought credit with another, and that C was his only card. It did not help him.

Broken hearted, R decided to cut the card, and with the $280 he owed, he send it back to C, never to see her again. It did not take a week before C started leaving messages on R's phone. “I do not want to to lose you,” one message said. A letter, smelling of C's perfume arrived. It brought back old memories, and R could not stop his heart from beating fast. In the letter, C offered to increase R's credit to 3,000, 30,000, 300,000, whatever he wanted, “Just don't leave me,” she begged. But R's mind was already set, and with time letter and messages from C dwindled until the flow dried up altogether.

And then, all of a sudden, a letter from C. “Dear R,” it said. “I've now checked again your credit situation, and learnt that you have no outstanding debt. I am so happy that at last I can give you the mortgage you wanted so much, and we can be together again.” By that time, however, R's heart had been given to another (lets call her H) and until this day, he never spoke with C again.

The End.

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2 comments on Yes. Let's Occupy Wall Street

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By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE on October 29, 2011 at 02:25 am

Ranfuchs, wonderful article. Occupying the banks is one of the ways to get to what is expected but will this resolve all people's issues that made them occupy the Wall Street. Governments all over the world are the same, no matter they claim they are democratic or demoncratic. If they were working for the people, the latter would not go on streets to say their rights are hindered. Going to streets implies this is demoncracy and not government by people. I think bigger states can't be democratic; smaller ones can.

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By ranfuchs on October 29, 2011 at 07:02 am

Thanks Mugisho,

Don't you think that the USA has been democratic for over 200 years, or do you believe that it has never been democratic?

My belief is that it was democratic for long time, but the democracy is being eroded. I am not sure if it is a matter or size. What do you think?

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