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Enticing Interlude

by Maylin Gonzalez (writer), , October 27, 2011

Credit: Maylin Gonzalez

"You drink from my rivers to ease your thirst, and climb my highest mountains to view new horizons."

As I sit on the sofa I begin to gaze around adsorbing everything, trying to find my place in this scenario. You pass by me a couple of times and smile, as if to assure me of my presence in this house, abandoned by its present owners for the night. For the time that you are not with me, I think about your hands exploring my world discovering new valleys, and deserts. You drink from my rivers to ease your thirst, and climb my highest mountains to view new horizons. With your eyes you hypnotize my restless body, and give me the strength to feed my untamable hunger. Your lips kiss away every spot hidden from sunlight on a hot summer day, and you caress every dark place on a cold winter night. You are opening doors with gentle motions and heart felt feelings. Mysterious hands which my body they begin to explore. I snap out of it, and I realize you are talking me towards your room. I am in complete agreement of what was being done; I wanted what was about to occur. I only hoped you wanted it as much as I did . . .

Our love burning like the burning fire, your skin full of sweat, full of love and pleasure. Our hearts were racing and our flesh was hot as the burning sun. I held you tight, I bit you, I nearly scratched. It has become a harsh yet soft sexual interlude, we are experiencing pure ecstasy. Your lips kissing me so gently, our bodies together, and your strong hands feeling my body. We are one; you and I.

We obtain the same thoughts, same feelings, as our fingers run from head to toe. I gasp and moan out of excitement, and the thrill is something we could call "our own." The passion flowing through our mouths and the craziness taking the delivery to do whatever our minds are capable of thinking.

Slowly you place your arms around me, and run your fingers down my spine. I feel an electrifying rush running through me, and I kiss your lips softly with the fear of hurting them. Soon, you caress my face with a love so deep and trusting that my heart starts beating faster and faster. "I love the way you make me feel after we have spent the time in each others arms, and after you have made me yours."

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