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It Pays To Resist Temptation

by Kathleen (writer), Providence, R.I., November 07, 2011

God rewards you if you resist temptation.

It Pays To Resist Temptation.

God rewards you if you resist temptation.

This is a story that discloses how it pays to resist temptation and to stay on a Godly path. One year
ago my house was deemed infested with termites. Two separate pest inspectors came to my house to
run an assessment and both of them said my house was infested with termites and needed a chemical
treatment. One inspector’s fee was $1,100 while the second inspector’s fee was $600. I negotiated
with the second man and talked him down to $550. Yet, I did not set an appointment, because I did
not yet have the spare cash. There was always a more important bill that if I had the cash, it would
have to go to the more pending cause, such as mortgage, taxes, or insurance.
Now I was determined to take care of this problem once and for all else my house get consumed.
Money did come in through my massage therapy business. Yet, it just barely covered the bills. Then
one day something happened. I got an e-mail. The emailer was a prospective client. He asked how
much for a massage. I responded, "It’s $60 an hour for an in call or $90 an hour for an out call." We
talked a little more about my style, then he propositioned me with, "I can pay up to $375 for a one
hour massage and if you watch me masturbate after." I paused and got off the computer. I needed a
break from the e-mailing so that I could get away and think. Did I want to take on the client? Yes, I
did. I knew the offer was real as professional massage therapists do sometimes get requests for illicit
acts which I always decline. Yet, how could I comply when I know that God is watching me. How
can I get away with anything now that I know God is looking at me. A few years back I had a
spiritual awakening and my faith grew in gargantuan amounts. Would this be God’s will? Of
course, I knew it was not God’s will. Then I thought about that WWJD saying, What would Jesus
do? The answer that I came up with was Jesus would not do this even for $10,000,000.
I returned to my computer and replied to the e-mail. My response was, "Thank you for your very
generous offer but I can only do the regular massage with no extras." At that, the conversation was
over. I felt kind of let down that I had turned down all that money, money that would have been
well spent. I sighed and felt, "Wow, the cost of following God."
The next day the phone was ringing. I had a few clients to keep me busy. Then I got a new phone
call. The caller identified himself as Jim Gears, and he said he was at the Renaissance Hotel in
Providence and asked if I could come at 7:00pm. I told him that I would be there. Upon arrival I
met Jim who was a tall slim guy who stood over 6' tall. He said he was here from California
to play a football game. I said, "Oh really, who are you playing against?"
He responded, "The New England Patriots."
I said, "Oh wow, you're a professional football player?"
He said, "Yeap. Do you watch football?"
I said, "I watch a little bit, usually, the super bowl. Do you do touch downs?"
He responded, "I do touchdowns."
"How long have you been on the team," I asked.
"Over three years" he responded.
"Well, congratulations! Oh my Gosh! That’s great; being on a professional team. Put the money in
the bank," I said. After fort-five minutes we had to cut it short, because he had to go to a meeting
and didn’t want to get a fine. He handed me $120 when the bill was only $90 and asked if I could
come back at 10:00pm to work on one leg that had muscle tightness. I told him that I would be there.
At 10:00 I arrived at the hotel promptly. I could see other football players in passing in the lobby
and on the elevator. One guy had a big camera over his shoulder. When I arrived at Mr. Gears'
room, I got right down to business with his leg and working it for the hour. As I worked on his leg
our conversation continued. "So you guys have groupies?" I inquired referring to the girls that
cascade the players.

He responded, "Yes, we do, but I don’t get involved in that. I could never be that mean to a woman.
I’m married. Do you want to see my kids?" He then showed me photos out of his wallet. At the end,
Mr. Gears jumped up and down stretching his legs and said, "Well, Kathy, you’re my hero." He
then handed me $200 when the bill was $90.
I told him, "Good Luck, I’ll be rooting for you."

I arrived home and reflected, "Wow, what an evening!" Then I told everyone I knew about my new
client and the night. They were impressed. Hmmmm. . . . . I guess God does work in mysterious
ways. I forewent the $375 on something that could have made me feel awkward or strange and
made $320 on something that I can say I have a good feeling about. I now had enough money for
the exterminator. I told one particular friend the story and she said, "God gave you that client as a
reward because you resisted the temptation." I think she was absolutely right as she was the author
of The Ten Commandments for Loving Yourself, a great spiritual self-help book for women. Good
luck in your journey in following God if you decide to follow him. It is worth it because God is full
off surprises.
This story is true but names have been changed for privacy.

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4 comments on It Pays To Resist Temptation

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By TonyBerkman on November 09, 2011 at 12:58 am

Thanks for sharing this. Faith and intuition seem to go hand in hand. G_d does work in mysterious ways.

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Log In To Vote   Score: 2
By Kathleen on November 10, 2011 at 08:03 am

Thankyou Tony, you are very kind!

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By TonyBerkman on November 14, 2011 at 05:40 am

My pleasure Kathleen. I'm happy you're writing :-) and sharing.

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By Credo on October 10, 2013 at 11:53 pm

Extraordinary circumstances usually causes people to give in to temptation. It was a blessing that things worked out for you without you falling prey to the negative.


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