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Plea from the self

by LaurenK (writer), Sydney, October 25, 2011

Credit: Carnoodles
I wish to walk with your hand in mine

Do you know me? Do you feel me? Can you meet my every need? ... You cannot do without me, you cannot know how.

Do you know me?

Do you feel me?

Can you meet my every need?

Sleeping and feeding,

Protecting, believing

Lest I shrivel and die

In the worn down basket

You pocketed me in

Time and time again.

Listen here,

Hear me now

You will not do without me

You cannot know how.

You want to take control

In that tight little head

All cool, calm and


Why won’t you just let me be?

You listen to those in the outside

Letting them rule your fears,


Joys and tears.

Listen to me my friend

Sometimes you can’t bury it

Relying on those folk out there

To tell you who and what you are,

Where you came from

Where you’re going and how far.

You can watch them pass by

And hear when they cry

You can pay them every bit of attention

Even when they say buy and bye.

But when push comes to shove

And there’s work to be done,

You cannot do without me.

Please don’t forget again,

For I don’t want you to regret it someday

When you turn around and say

“Why didn’t you tell me?!”

In a passionate plea of insanity.

I can tell you right now

You poor little fool,

I feel it, carry it, drive it,

Preserve it in jars,

Waiting for you to have a look at these scars.

I know your true fears,


Joys and tears

I know you

For I am you


I wish to walk

With your hand in mine

To be faithful old friends

All the days of our lives.

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By Angie Alaniz on October 26, 2011 at 10:31 am

Your poem made me smile. :)

Its filled with passion and grace.

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