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Author interview: Jennifer Chase

Welcome to Jennifer Chase, author of Silent Partner

Each week I’ll be sharing my Author Interviews so it’s an excellent opportunity to discover authors and find out about great books. Thank you to Jennifer Chase for joining me this week to share some insights into her life and her book, Silent Partner.

Where were you born?

Palo Alto, California

What did you want to be when you grew up?

An actress

Other than author, what jobs have you had?

I’ve worked in a restaurant, done secretarial work, business management, and accounting.

About Jennifer’s most recent book…

One Cop, One Serial Killer, One Witness
Who Will Survive?

Northern California’s elite Police K9 Units arrive at an abandoned warehouse after a high-speed chase and apprehend two killers after they have fled a grisly murder scene. This barely scratches the surface of a bloody trail from a prolific serial killer that leads to unlocking the insidious secrets of one family’s history, while tearing a police department apart.

Jack Davis, a top K9 cop with an unprecedented integrity, finds himself falling for a beautiful murder suspect and struggling with departmental codes.

Megan O’Connell, suffering from agoraphobia, is the prime murder suspect in her sister’s brutal murder.

Darrell Brooks, a psychopath who loves to kill, is on a quest to drive Megan insane for profit.

Everyone is a suspect. Everyone has a secret. Someone else must die to keep the truth buried forever. Silent Partner is a suspense ride along that will keep you guessing until the bitter end.

How did you come to write this book?

I originally wrote Silent Partner as a screenplay several years ago. I decided to adapt it into a novel to take a break from my Emily Stone Series. I know that seems a little bit backwards, but you gain an amazing insight with both formats. I did quite a bit of research into police K9 units, trained my own dog, police investigations, and was able to incorporate my academic background of criminology and forensics.

What’s the opening paragraph?

“The rain stopped abruptly on the thirty-sixth consecutive day of torrential downpours. An intense humidity reeked from the undergrowth of the dense, twisted jungle foilage and saturated earth.”

Jennifer said she would rather:

Sell a million copies but never win an award than win a Nobel Prize for Literature but only sell 20,000 copies.

Now for a bit of fun…

What’s the most exciting book you’ve read this year?

Worth Dying For by Lee Child.

Describe your perfect weekend…

Lounging by a pool surrounded by lush gardens, not having to do any housework or cook any meals, no phones or computers, and just enjoying the weekend with my husband.

Describe a more realistic weekend…

Grabbing my dogs and husband and going to the beach for an afternoon picnic and relaxing.

You get to spend the afternoon with my six cats – heaven or hell? Explain!

A little bit of both! They would be perfect company (babysitters) for my two high energy Labradors.

Share one blog that you love to read…

Carolyn Arnold’s

Fill in the blanks – how did Jennifer finish these openers?

He took her trembling body in his manly arms,…

…but she knew that it was wrong, dead wrong.

He tipped his hat and turned away. After a few steps he stopped,…

…turned around and began to sing his favorite ballad from the early eighties..

In the darkness, I heard the sound of…

…a heavy thud just as the power saw roared to life..

Word association – how did Jennifer respond to these word prompts?

Writer… Gauntlet

Bestseller… Dream

Ambition… Work

Cheese… Provolone

And finally…

Now you get to ask me a question!

What’s your favorite question to ask writers?

Good question! I’m tempted to say the cat one but really I love to know what an author is reading!

Thank you so much to Jennifer for answering the questions. If you’d like to know more about Jennifer or her writing you can visit her website and blog. You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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