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Game 2 of the World Series : Texas Wins

Both Garcia and Lewis are off to strong starts in Game 2 of the World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers. Texas Rangers came up with the rally when they needed it most & win

In his first World Series start, the St. Louis Cardinals lefty Jaime Garcia broke three bats during the first 2 innings. He made it look easy with nine up and nine down. Garcia got the start partially because he has been superior at home than on the road this season. With no score after 3 innings Garcia looks extremely poised at Busch Stadium.

For the Rangers, right-hander Colby Lewis is in control with the the only exception being a second-inning walk given up to Matt Holliday. Lewis has been extremely ffective for Texas in the postseason. During the past two years he has gone 4-1 with a 2.37 ERA in six starts.

Josh Hamilton is back in the Texas Rangers’ lineup despite a groin strain that has restricted his abilities. According to the New York Times, Hamilton said, "he would probably be on the disabled list if this were the regular season." His manager Ron Washington said. “Even if Hamilton doesn’t do anything, he makes a difference just with his presence in our lineup, and I want his presence in it, and it’s in there tonight. Don’t be surprised if he comes up big, because I certainly won’t.”

End of the Third. No Score.

End of Fourth: No Score

End of Fith: No Score

Top of the Sixth

Rangers one out. Sixth strike out of the night for Garcia.

Ian Kinsler gets to first. Rangers double play.

End of Sixth No Score

Bottom of Seventh No Score

Top of Seventh

Colby Lewis still on the mound for Texas. 1 down. Still scoreless bottom of seventh.

1 out single by Freese.

2 out Freese still on first.

Freese gets to third on a base hit by Punto. 1st and 3rd, two down, no score.

Rangers bring in Alexi Ogando

Coming off the bench for St. Louis is pinch hitter Allen Craig for Cardinals. Similar to last night. Craig does it again. Hits a single and Cardinal's score. It's "Ground Hog" day in St. Louis. 2 out pinch hit singles.

1 to nothing St. Louis in the 7th

End of Seven Cardinals 1 : Rangers 0

2011 World Series Top of the 8th 1 to nothing Cardinals

1 out top of 8th

1 nothing Cardinals

Washington goes to Yorvit Torrealba

Swing and a miss; 0 & 1

Swing and a miss; 0 & 2

Swing and a miss; breaking ball in the dirt and Torrealba out.

German for Rangers at bat. 3 out.

Bottom of the 8th Cardinals leading 1 to 0

M. Adams pitching v. J Jay. 1 pitch one out.M

M. Adams pitching v at Bat A. Pujois. Pujois out.

M. Adams pitching v. L Berkman

-----Berkman hits 2 out single brings Holiday to the plate.

M. Adams v. M. Holliday full count, Berkman will get a running start.

---- Ball 4

---- M. Holliday on first, Berkman on second

M. Adams v. D. Descaiso / Ground ball for third out

Top of 9th, top of the order coming up for the Rangers : Carindals lead 1 nothing

J. Motte pitching against Kinsler

--- base hit for Ian Kinsler

J. Motte pitching against E. Andrus

-- Hamilton on deck

-- Runner goes and is safe at second.

Texas 0 for 6 in the series with runners in scoring position

-- Andrus goes to second and Kinsler at 3rd with nobody out

J. Motte v. Josh Hamilton

---- La Russa on the mound

---- La Russa brings in A. Rhodes

Rhodes v. Hamilton

--- Hamilton drives one. One out.

--- Kinsler scores

--- Andrus to third safely

--- Rhodes comes out. Rangers have tied it at 1 in the 9th.

1 out for Texas

L. Lynn pitching v. M. Young 3 balls 2 strikes

--- Runner is going on contact

-- Swing and fly ball. 2 out. Rangers have the lead.

--- 3rd out

2 to 1 Texas going to the Bottom of the 9th

N. Feliz Pitching v. Molina

-- Molina 0 for 3 on night

-- Molina walks to First

N. Feliz doesn't have legs under neath him

N Feliz v. Nick Punto 0 and 2 count

-- Punto swings and a miss; 1 out, man on 1st

N. Feliz v. S. Schumaker 2 & 2

-- Feliz doesn't look composed

-- 99 mph last pitch on 2 & 2

-- Shumaker swing and miss 2 out.

-- Cardinals down to final out

N. Feliz v. R. Furcal

-- Cardinals down to final strike

-- 2 out; 2 balls 2 strikes runner on 1st

-- Swing, hit, catch.


Game Summary: Ian Kinsler turned it around for Texas at top of 9th with a base hit.

Rangers go home with a split. Big come from behind win for Rangers. Texas Rangers win Game 2 to even up the World Series. Game 3 will be played Saturday Night 10/22 at 7pm.

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4 comments on Game 2 of the World Series : Texas Wins

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By Randy Mitchell on October 21, 2011 at 11:23 am

Wow Tony, you're becoming a real fan!

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By TonyBerkman on October 21, 2011 at 12:52 pm

It's fun blogging while the game is going on. Plus Berkman and I have the last name. He played for the Astros, right? Well now that he departed Texas I have no favor towards him. Though that guy can be pretty clutch. How did he play for the Cardinals during the regular season? I think Im going to study up a little bit before tomorrow's game so that I hope I can cover it better :-)

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By Angie Alaniz on October 26, 2011 at 10:44 am

Tonight 10/26 should be interesting.

Game starts at 7:30pm CT

I can't believe it takes 3 1/2 hours of watching them spit and scratch to finally see someone hit a ball here and there.

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By Sydonia88 on July 22, 2014 at 06:15 am

I think idea is wow foteliki

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