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Come on Newt, is that the best you got?

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Newt has weighed in on Occupy Wall Street and as usual, carefully avoided the fact that the protesters have every right to be upset.

Newt Gingrich who was apparently named after a mud sucking amphibian and a Conservative Republican who never let his religious or political affiliations get in the way of a good extra martial tryst has weighed in on the “Occupy Wall Street” phenomenon and as expected he doesn’t like the protesters. The problem is, most Americans are tired of listening to the crap spewing forth from the likes of Newt. In a nation trillions of dollars in debt, with a health care system run by insurance companies, fighting two wars no one wants, a real estate market sabotaged by the banking industry's PACs; an open border where drugs and illegals stream in and drug money and arms stream out; and a Congress that sat on its ass while millions of jobs were moved overseas putting millions of Americans out of work; Newt it would seem should have bigger political fish to fry.

Newt Says the protesters aren't offering any solutions. Well Newt, neither is the Congress of the United States. The difference is: Congressional Leaders sought election confidently stating they knew what the American people wanted and how to fix the problems. Obviously, these so called leaders are disinclined to do the job they were elected to do. But who can blame them with everything else in the crapper America's elected officials are prospering nicely. Jobs? Not a problem for America's political leaders as half their deadbeat relatives are knocking down six figure incomes working for some lobby which is probably the jobs Herman Cain alludes to when he says any American who wants a job could find one.

Newt wanted to condemn the protesters but was savvy enough to realize that a whole bunch of real Americans support the protesters. So Newt decided to employ a rather Machiavellian principle to “Divide and Conquer” stating there were two groups protesting one was rebel rousing scum and the other group “concerned” middle class Americans. Come on Newt, is the that the best you got?

There are two points salient to Newts remarks that must be mentioned: First that Newt understands Machiavelli can only mean “The Prince” was released in comic book form at some point. Secondly and more importantly, the scaryiest thing American politicians want to face is a united populace demanding action. And let there be no misunderstanding: No Action is a course of action and it is the course of action Congress wants to pursue as it keeps the PAC monies rolling in.

Newt, when the politicians fix the problems they created, they can complain about citizen protests but until then, tuck your head back up your substantial ass and leave the people alone. They after all have a Constitutional Right to dissent and unlike your philandering, they are violating neither laws nor for that matter, commandments.

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By TonyBerkman on October 24, 2011 at 04:28 pm

Newt is a bright man. I don't agree with all his positions however isn't he pretty accurate when it comes to his description of OWS? I have been to one OWS protest and it was comprised of primarily hippies. There didn't seem to be a "purpose" aside from hanging out with signs and smoking weed. I am certain there were also "concerned middle class citizens." There is a good article on here about "lets take away the best of OWS and make a difference as citizens of this country." Doesn't OWS as a name even send the wrong message as to whose fault it is?

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