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Occupy Wall Street: Stay the Course

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Ameirca UNITE!!! Common Voice, Common cause

Memo to Eric Candor: Occupy Wall Street is a Mob, So was the Boston tea Party

Eric Candor (R-Virginia) has his priorities so tuned into big business that he has turned his back on the hard-working MAJORITY of Republicans that are fast becoming unemployed and bankrupt; VICTIMS of Candor’s elitism.

The Republican Party has completely lost touch with rank and file Republicans and is now nothing more than an instrument of the Wealthy. And for the record Eric, I am a 56 year old Republican and sick of the crap. Congress found billions of dollars to bail out financial institutions like Citibank, Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

These companies ONLY SURVIVED BECAUSE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BAILED THEM OUT. AND HOW DID THESE COMPANIES REPAY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ERIC? THESE COMPANIES HAVE OUT-SOURCED AND OFF-SHORED THOUSANDS OF JOBS TO INDIA. Jobs that we need right here today and you seem unable to do a thing about this. You are pathetic and unfortunately not alone as North Carolina’s Virginia Foxx and Richard Burr have no problems with this situation and are also dumbfounded. Bank of America lost its ass employing highly questionable and unethical lending policies but they did manage to funnel millions of dollars to the stadium commission in Charlotte, North Carolina to keep the stadium named “Bank of America Stadium”. So the American People paid billions to bail out Bank of America and Bank of America paid millions to NAME A STADIUM? And not one member of Congress said a thing.

Bit of History Eric, the issue in 1773 was taxation without representation. Sounds about right to me.

How to create jobs: Mandate every financial institute that accepted bail-out funds cease off-shoring and out-sourcing and put AMERICANS TO WORK. Or Eric, simply have the banks GIVE BACK THE MONEY THEY TOOK! Anyone doing that Eric?

This country needs to unite before it's too late: a Common Voice, a Common Cause.

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2 comments on Occupy Wall Street: Stay the Course

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By PATRICK PETION on October 19, 2011 at 04:38 am

that a communist system to me. wonder what ever happen , life liberty and the pursuit of hapiness. and you are a republican I love liberal lie

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By Janey B on October 20, 2011 at 09:00 am

1. @ Patrick Petion: It's a little hard to understand your crappy grammar, but I think you mean to say that Sanity Check's comments are communist? Are you for real? I'll tell you what happened to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness: they got crushed under the Wall Street bulldozer. The average Joe has as much chance as a fart in a windstorm of setting his own destiny in a country controlled by rich financiers.

2. @SanityCheck2: Hooray for you! Thank God, I was beginning to think all Republicans were as dumb as Patrick Petion!What a relief and an eye opener to find Republicans that are not duped by the propaganda and phony flag waving, and who realize their own personal financial problems, joblessness, etc are actually the result of the crooked practices of bankers and huge corporations. Thank you.

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