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Healthcare Receives Incentives for Going Paperless

by iDatix (writer), Clearwater, FL, October 14, 2011

The Healthcare industry gets added benefits from the government to adopt paperless business solutions.

Many businesses have already adopted a document management solution for their content due to the numerous advantages it offers, including increased efficiency, disaster recovery capabilities and ease of use. Well, now the healthcare industry can add ‘profit by millions of dollars’ to the list of benefits.

States are beginning to introduce programs to increase the Healthcare industry’s use of document and business process management. The objective is to improve quality of patient care, patient safety and patient involvement in treatment options and is funded by the federal government.

Utah state officials announced this week that they are now going to be accepting applications for the program. It is specifically for physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who meet a certain criteria. Eligible doctors and healthcare professionals can receive up to $63,750 to convert to a document management system. Hospitals can garner between $350,000 and $4 million in payments.

“The use of health information technology will transform the way health care is delivered in our state,” said Dr. David Patton, Executive Director, Uhtah Deaprtment of Health. “EHRs will help reduce medical errors and assist health care professionals deliver more efficient care for their patients.”

Other states whose registration opened up this week include California, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts and Vermont. Sixteen states had begun offering the incentives earlier in the year, but participation has been minimal. As of two months ago, only $248 million in grants were awarded to 3,334 providers and 11 hospitals.

As for the reasons behind the low involvement, there are many myths and a few valid concerns in going paperless. Some providers have expressed concern about whether varying systems are compatible with one another. The key is in choosing a process that is able to handle the various needs and requirements of the organization. One of the largest roadblocks to introducing a document management system, is that while the incentive might be in place, the business is still unsure of how to begin.

Martin Levesque, Director of Professional Services at iDatix, explained that “Many organizations are unsure of how and where to begin when deciding on a content management system. Proper planning and implementation is crucial to success, but can appear to be a daunting task to many companies. With the correct system, it doesn’t have to be.”

Whether the industry is healthcare or manufacturing, there are extensive benefits that can be gained by adopting a document management system. The introduction of a federal program to incentivize just this process is proof that it holds great advantages to consumers and companies alike.

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