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"The Overnight" Brings New Yorkers Out of the Darkness

by S. Manfredi (writer), Upper East Side, April 01, 2007


The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has created a special event for New Yorkers touched by suicide, depression, and mood disorders: Out of the Darkness Overnight.

The event was created to raise funds and awareness for suicide prevention, and for the treatment of mood disorders and depression. Each year, depression and suicide become a larger epidemic in our country, especially among teenagers. It is estimated that in 2007, one in every twelve teenagers will attempt suicide. The Center for Disease Control confirms that there is a suicide attempt made every minute of every day. One in every sixteen of these attempts is fatal. Raising funds and awareness for the treatment of depression becomes an important issue in these statistics, as depression is the leading cause of suicide. Sadly, only one third of people suffering from depression will receive treatment.

Out of the Darkness Overnight is a twenty mile walk through the streets of New York City. Each participant walker agrees to raise a minimum of one thousand dollars in donations for the event. The AFSP helps participants to reach this goal by creating customizable press releases, donation tracking websites, and lists of suggestions on how to raise the desperately needed funds. The organization also prepares the walkers physically, hosting training walks throughout the spring; as well as supplying food, water, and other accommodations every two to three miles along the way.

Out of the Darkness Overnight begins at dusk on Saturday, June 9th with an Opening Ceremony. The twenty mile walk takes place overnight, with plenty of support and encouragement from the staff. For those who experience some trouble, there will be vehicles patrolling to help out. At dawn on June 10th, the Closing Ceremony will end the event, sending its participants away with the knowledge that they have helped to save a life.

To register for the walk, or to donate to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, please visit their website at

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