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Parents with Children Should Read This - Social sites

by william2233 (writer), Concord, October 08, 2011

Just a simple warning to the parent's out there with young children that are allowed on the computer

I’m cluing you in on a dilemma on children mis-using MySpace and Facebook that could be dangerous. It’s happening every where including in the U.S.A..

I’ve been noticing that today’s kids are trying to get attention by using social networks. How do I know this? Both my children were involved as well.

My daughter at age 13 had her friend make her site for her. Problem

  1. She had her address and phone number listed, and my phone would ring from places states away.
  2. She had her age set for 27! Not 13, results she was getting messages from people with very bad foul language. Asking her if she did this and that?

Use your imagination.

  1. Her account was not set to private- meaning everyone under the sun could view her profile and ad as friend, and leave nasty messages.

My son at 15 did the same thing! He learned from friends if he stated he was 30 years old. He could look up any thing under the sun. Use your imagination

I took away computer for a month from the both of them, and asked for there passwords so mother and I could see what was going on from now on.

I told them to delete accounts and start over doing it the right way.

I have noticed many of there friends are getting by with this at a much earlier age.

My son is now 20 and my daughter is 17. There are children as young as 9 and 10

With my spaces and claim they’re 18 and older. Some set to private and others not.

Just a word of Caution!!! If your children use sites like this please tell them to state real ages and set on private, for their own safety.

From a father of two teens, and a children author, keep an eye on your children when it comes to the computer. For your children safety!!!

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3 comments on Parents with Children Should Read This - Social sites

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By william2233 on October 11, 2011 at 09:25 pm


"Writer's Jam 2011"

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By TonyBerkman on October 11, 2011 at 09:35 pm

Thanks William :-)

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By Credo on November 01, 2013 at 05:06 am

Well written, but above all thanks for the heads up...


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