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Erotic Economies

by Maylin Gonzalez (writer), , September 30, 2011

Credit: Maylin Gonzalez
Dirty. Sexy. Money.

"What am i? Who am i?? What are we??? Explain"

Erotic Economies better known as transactional sex, which it’s extreme is prostitution; has taken center stage in the process of becoming.

The Process of Becoming; ‘Becoming what?’ you may ask. - Becoming someone. Anyone. The very person you wish to be or could be.

“What am I?” – The question asked by many. Mainly followed by “Who am I?” and “what are we?” such questions are to make sense of status in an early relationship, a marriage, an erotic arrangement and so on. In order to accentuate and define one’s self. A series of exchanges occur and so these ‘exchanges’ are used to signal who you are, who you want to be and once those are established; being recognized as so. In this case, erotic economies are the very definition of exchanging material goods for sex and status; thereof becoming something ‘more’, even if just in the mind.

Our brains play a prominent role in this process. For example, in a relationship, we have all heard ‘sex brings us closer’. This is the mere thought of proximity
through emotion. Although right, for as long as the act may last; the closure evaporates soon after. Hence, returning to the original state of ‘what am I?’
Evidently, whatever status you remain with, it is only in your state of mind; never really becoming anything or anyone.

When it comes to transactional sex or even in the more extreme, prostitution; the ability to become someone else is rather intricate. Not only will you be giving sex for money but overall you are becoming someone who is known for such. The process of becoming will not only be a sense of belonging, it will also be sense of denial.

Denial of who you are. Who you will become. What you will be known as. A false sense of belonging. A state of mind which only exists in your mind never developing in any other form. A simple state of delusion. Delusion for which is made into insecurity and therefore, once again you ask ‘who am I?’, ‘what am I?’ and ‘what are we?’

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