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The Benefits of Starting a Business Today

by TonyBerkman (editor), Costa Rica, September 20, 2011

This is the best time in history for you to start your business.

The past few years have shown many of us that security is just an illusion. The most esteemed enterprises and banking systems in the world have collapsed and many families have lost their primary sources of income. Stock portfolios for those who have them have collapsed and its difficult to know what place is safe to keep money. Starting your own business may be the best place to invest your time resourcefulness and money.

The literature on starting your own business and who is made to be an entrepreneur is large. Yet despite all that is written starting a business comes down to common sense. It requires some thought and then the leap of faith that you will make your idea work. What is comforting to know is that whatever your initial idea is doesn't matter as much as just getting started. No matter what idea you select your business will end up changing into something other than you imagined. That is why a business plan done in a formal "banking way" is generally for the garbage can.

What you need is to identify a need. Figure out how to meet that need. Go out and see if you can get 50 customers to buy your product or service. This can often be done before you have even spent a dime on your idea. Once you have proven that there is a market need for your product you then figure out how you are going to best meet that need given your current available time and resources.

The great thing about this is now you are in control of your own destiny. You can change your business provided you are paying attention to you customers so that you continue to meet their needs despite what happens in the economy. For many this course of action seems like the riskiest course to take. The one thing that more people today know than 2 years ago is that the things they believed were certain truly were not certain. This shift in realization may be the reason why now is the best time to start your own business and shape your own destiny.

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By Theresa H Hall on September 22, 2011 at 08:37 pm

I read just today (in one of those Daily Inspiratonal Readers), that one should never give up. Every person who ever succeeded had missteps and stumples and failures. Most people fail when they give up too soon, because most of the time it is just before they would have "Made It"!

Remember to dream and write those dreams down and set goals. Believe!

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By TonyBerkman on September 22, 2011 at 08:46 pm

No wonder your name is Sweet T

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