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Thoughts on Lifestyle

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Simplicity is often recognized as the essence of sophistication.

In my efforts to understand and help more and more people incorporate personal wellness and fitness into their lives, I reflected on my past experiences to help me remember how things used to be in terms of the lifestyle I lived in my younger days. Things weren't as complicated back then.

In our teenage and young adult years, many of us played some type of a sport with a passion. We were fit, regularly active, and our bodies’ metabolisms were at their prime. I remember the days when I could easily eat 2 super sized Double Quarter Pounders with cheese meals after soccer or basketball practice; or even down 5 or 6 Whopper Junior burgers from Burger King at 4am during late night outings. That lifestyle is long gone; priorities change as we grow.

We have a personal responsibility to be the best we can be in for ourselves, and those around us. As we get older, we have to face and accept the reality that our bodies change. It’s your responsibility to adjust your lifestyle and allow your body to keep up with it. Nowadays, things seem a lot more complicated than they need to be when it comes to living a balanced lifestyle, maintaining healthy habits, and keeping our bodies active. While such a subject may not be of matter to some, it's always good to be reminded of facts and possibilities as a food for thought.

It’s a known fact that too much of one thing or too little of another causes an unbalance, and sometimes a disturbance. As evolving beings, it helps to take a step back and reflect on areas to uplift ourselves as we grow out of the old ways, and into the new: We have a responsibility to find and maintain an equilibrium in our lifestyle to balance the harmony between our inner and outer selves. In my opinion, the way to get there is by truly defining your individuality and surround yourself with people sharing a similar sense of individuality.

According to Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. Celestine Chua, dear writer of The Personal Excellence blog, reflected on it: “I believe the key underlying intent of Jim’s quote is who you spend time with influences the person you eventually become. Who you are with can elevate you as much as it can bring you down.” Reflect on this: How have the people closest to you really affected the person you’ve become? Deep down, is it really who you want to be? Has it been for the better or the worst so far?

In the end, the people closest to you are likely to have an influential impact on your lifestyle and persona; and that’s where one’s way of life truly matters: Living a balanced lifestyle isn’t always about dieting and exercising all the time. For me, it’s about believing in standards, living by them, and exerting positivity in all aspects of everyday life: Personal & Professional Goals, Successes, Hardships, Ethics, Family, Friends, Health & Wellness. Simplicity is often recognized as the essence of sophistication; and that’s just the way I live my life. It’s what I do.

What about you?

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3 comments on Thoughts on Lifestyle

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By Glenn T on August 30, 2011 at 01:33 pm

Your thinly veiled indictment of my cheeseburger consumption notwithstanding, this is a great introduction to an interesting concept about the influence of one's inner circle. I imagine everyone who reads this will try to make that list of five in their heads...'s a heady introspection - I just wish that Wal-Mart greeter wasn't on my list.

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By akagc on August 30, 2011 at 06:12 pm


I agree with your comment to an extent as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

One think I note: When you say "I think you are able to tell which is which after a certain amount of time"; you're right, but I think that's for folks who are able to open their eyes see what's really going on around them; accept help, or at least listen to friends and family who may be able to assist.

For example, many women in America, and in the world are in abusive relationships...not all of them admit to the problem, and thus remain in those abusive relationships for many years...Just an example to say that not everyone is able to to tell which is which after a certain time.

Do you agree?


Thank you for your comment as well. Do you agree that some people will try anything just to be acknowledge by peers, friends, groups? Especially when we were younger? I think such behavior carries in adult hood...but it's a lot less subtle.

I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm just saying that not everyone is as clear minded as others when it comes to making the right choice.

Not that this is the reason I wrote this; but from a wellness stand point, here is an example:

If you spend most of your time with people who live the night life everynight, sleep all day, and eat fast food day and night, chances are you will become unhealthy and possibly put on a few pounds? Now, if you distance yourself from that group and, spend more time around people who are into doing yoga, running, and visiting art galleries, you're more likely to feel different than you would with the other group...

That's why my main point was to focus on individuality; know who you are first, and then surround yourself with people who share a sense for things that's similar to you.


:) I'm glad you enjoyed the article. You got the subtle idea of the story; getting people to take a quick second and think about those 5 people and just reflect for a few minutes. It's helped me greatly. Definitely check out a Lifestyle / wellness concept I recently launched to try and help more and more people live better through the most basic of, fitness, and lifestyle.


Yes, I used to eat Burgers like there was no tomorrow; it was good, and it was cheap :) ... I used to eat a lot of weird things just to keep my stomac full, but maybe I should have mentionned that I played in Junior and Varsity Basketball and Soccer in my high school days, and College basketball in my early college years in Canada. Needless to say, that's how they never affected me physically; but as I grew; my body started changed; and I had to make some changes. Life goes on.

Thanks for reading, and commenting.

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By akagc on September 01, 2011 at 11:02 pm


It sure does lead to many lines of thinking. And looking at all of it; I felt as if I needed a reminder of who I really was to enjoy life according to my beliefs.

There is a saying that goes: "The best way to change the world is to change yourself first".

That's where my inspiration to emphasize individuality came about. I believe it strongly defines us as the type of people we really plan / want to become and stand up for ourselves rather than following in others' footsteps.

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