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An Unbiased Look @ Women in IT

by CareerSaver (writer), FL, August 22, 2011

A look at women in the world of technology, with insights from recent research.

Women make up half of the U.S. workforce but represent only 25% of the technology industry. According to the National Center for Women & IT, in 2009, only 25% of U.S IT professionals were women, compared to 36% in 1991. Just 18% of college degrees awarded in computer and information sciences in 2008 went to women, which is less than half compared to 1985. So the amount of women in technology actually appears to be decreasing over time, not increasing.

CareerSaver posed the question on LinkedIn, "Why aren't there more women in the IT industry?"

31% stated that women are not encouraged to enter this field. This finding was mirrored in a Women in Technology report, which stated that "41% of respondents believe that young girls are put off pursuing a career in the technology industry by the sector’s ‘nerdy’ image. Many respondents think that the industry needs to set up more initiatives to inspire and educate young girls about technology. Also, more positive role models could help to dispel the myth that the industry is ‘geeky’."

The leading percentage in our poll with 51% was 'Other', with statements including:

"I point to our K-12 public education systems and the lack of emphasis and/or focus on the teaching AND understanding of math."

"From my point of view, the main reason is the nature of the the IT field and its sub-fields. In our environment, it is very difficult for here/them to work extra working hours, meeting client anywhere, doing long phone call, visiting the site or others which is the most important activities."

"The lack of women in the IT department has nothing to do with ability. I believe the IT industry has been stereotyped and perceived as antisocial. A large percentage of women seem drawn to careers more human interactive and social."

"I don't believe IT is appealing to the average woman. Specifically the areas where you are working isolated for long hours to trouble shoot problems. Perhaps genetically most men prefer introverted work."

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