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Misrepresentation is killing me

by Don Saliano (writer), San Francisco, March 26, 2007

One of my biggest pet peeves when dining out is when you are brought a dish and it is different that what was advertised on the menu. What is so hard about keeping things up to speed between the kitchen and whats on the menu. Even if it does get to the point where there might be a substitution needed on a dish, cool no problem, just let me know before i order it. Recent example was at Straits in the Westfield shopping center. For desert i ordered a warm bittersweet chocolate tart with peanut butter gelato and red currant sauce. Now how good does that sound? Good combo of flavors and textures is exactly what i was looking for to put a cap on the meal. What was brought out could not have been farther from what i ordered. The so called "warm" tart was fresh out of the fridge, gelato was coconut or something and the red currant sauce was strawberry and there was only enough on the plate for one bite. "What the hell man?" (that quote from my man Stewie on Family Guy) Any positives the restaurant had earned up to this point were really brought down. The good food has now been washed out of my memory by the total lack of attention by the kitchen, or pastry department. Anyway, i'm not trying to bring down Straits specifically, they just happened to be fresh in my memory from yesterday, i want what i order and thats all i have to say about that.

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By TonyBerkman on May 31, 2013 at 04:41 pm

I can't stand the misrepresentation with fruit and vegetables. They make them look so tasty and you get them and they taste less than paper.

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By riginal on June 01, 2013 at 06:35 am

Did this post make me laugh or what! Isn't it ridiculous. I order a mid price meal.I'm a diabetic i've injected insulin...eaten 4 bread rolls to stave off a hypo.The meal arrives the same day as the order and i crab sideways up to the plate. 'Fish of the day.' It is miniscule. A tiny battered forlon anorexic beautiful mouthful of fish peeking out from the strategically placed wreath of 8 chips. An arrogant side-swiped small knob of potatoe with a delicate smear of cascading butter. A lone sprig of artistically angled parsley stands guard at the potatoe peak. Six thinly sliced carrot slivers gently frame the 'weight watchers' answer to elementary crash dieting. A jealous half lemon glares in discomfort at not being included in the main arena. Still starving. All displayed on an enormous ornate white plate. Someone on the table next to us has left a bun.I reach over.I have no butter 'chip' left. The napkins are delicious.The waiter asks "how was your meal sir?" I answer "simply divine,a meal kit for a fing...could you bring some fing like a large appetite to the table?" "We don't serve large appetites sir.We pride ourselves on the old adage "less is more.We like to cajole..." "Well then bring me a large sausage cajole like...with a hint of mustard on the run..."Honestly...i could have eaten the plate!

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