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Flood Takes Lives of 4 in Pittsburgh

Credit: Associated Press
A woman rescued from the flood

The storms in Pittsburgh caused a flash flood that killed two women and two children.

Floods are natural hazards; today they are caused by the deterioration and destruction of natural conditions of mother nature which cause climate change. It is believed that climate change is impacting negatively different areas of the world. In east Africa, the lands are becoming drier than ever. This causes animals lack drinking water and plants dry and so people and animals starve.

In Pittsburgh, something different but related to the destruction of mother nature has caused the death of two mothers and two kids. This happened in a flash kind of floods that at random submerged a lot of cars. It is said that more than twelve vehicles in Pittsburgh were immersed into flood waters taking with them the above mentioned four people: é children and two women. Besides, this flood obliged many people to swim the shore for their safety; and many others who could moved quickly onto the roofs of their cars. Death is awful, indeed!!

This awful situation occurred this Friday when two consecutive heavy storms pounded the city. This overwhelmed drainage system, which ultimately caused manhole covers to pop off the road. The level of the water augmented up to 9 feet in some areas. Rescue crews used helium balloon boats to reach abandoned drivers. Among these driers, those who were able tried to swim for their safety on their own.

The victims, identified by the medical examiner as 45-year-old Kimberly Griffith of Plum, 12-year-old Brenna Griffith and 8-year-old Mikaela Griffith, were unable to escape their vehicle, which was submerged and pinned into a big tree. Rescuers intent on rescuing a man from a tree floated over the car without knowing it was below.

Victim girls were students in the Plum Borough School District, which issued a statement of sympathy to the family Saturday.

This flood calls for the authorities to be on alert in the days and weeks to come. Besides being attentive, they should also be responsive to the needs that emerge from this tragedy as this may make them think of how to deal with the looses.

There was found a fourth person, a 70-year-old woman who had disappeared in this flood. Unfortunately her corpse was found on Saturday after a search by about 40 rescue workers. Nothing more regarding her death or the conditions of her death were illuminated.

As the flood was growing, people were clinging to trees, poles and car roofs. One woman tried to scramble to the roof of her car but the water was so strong that it washed her away, dragging her in it but finally she grabbed on to a truck. People who were interviewed on the television revealed that all sorts of cars were floating in the flood, nothing was heavy for it.

We have to know that educating people about the dangers of being in a vehicle in a flash flood is necessary. Specialists in this domain advise that if you are driving and there comes a flood and water starts coming toward the side of your car, it is better to avoid the worse by seeking a way reach higher and dry land.

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By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE on August 22, 2011 at 01:24 am

Right Cher, the land position sometimes causes floods and human beings can't do anything about this. However, people who have enough means may move from such a risky area and settle a more secure one, as no one knows the day there will be floods. We have to praise the job of rescuing done by the police. Those who passed away in these floods may rest in peace.

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By Wilburn Weston on September 09, 2014 at 02:52 am

I agree with you Mugisho. My younger brither is in flood damage Denver team and its always proud to see people praising them for their kind work. Yet I believe, that people are more or less unaware of what is coming to them hence, I think the whether department and concerned authorities should make them move.

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