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Katie Couric Agreed with Me on John Edwards

by Cecelia Hendryx (writer), Los Angeles, March 26, 2007

Last night, on CBS's "60 Minutes," in her interview of Democratic presidential nomination candidate John Edwards and his cancer-suffering wife Elizabeth, CBS Evening News' first anchorwoman, Katie Couric, challenged the Edwards spinmeistering on the couple's announcement last week to continue his campaign to its culmination in 2008 despite Elizabeth Edwards' likely terminal illness. In my column right after the Edwardses' news conference announcement, I questioned the sincerity of John Edwards' purported deep concern for his wife and young children compared to his political aspirations, and was excorciated by readers for my position.

Katie Couric, a seasoned, old media journalist and interviewer - from Columbine to "9/11" to the War on Iraq -
also refused to just accept Edwards at his word that this decision would be best for his family and for America. Couric posited to them that the Edwardses might be in denial regarding the seriousness and finality of Elizabeth Edwards' condition. Then Couric went even further than I had, veritably accusing the former U.S. Senator from North Carolina and 2004 Democratic vice-presidential nominee of perhaps exploiting, capitalizing upon, or milking, if you will, his wife's cancerous condition for votes!

So there, all you Democratic Party or Edwards loyalists who seem to want to believe whatever your candidates tell you, and lambasted me for coming to fair and logical opinions of this campaign development. Grow up, like I did, especially about electoral politics, and learn to think for yourselves. Anybody should be able to see that John Edwards is placing his blind ambition above the clearly more beneficial, healthy and comfortable avenue for his family in his wife's last years, to not be trudging along on yet another of his campaign trails. If you still can't see his duplicitousness, just wait.

John Edwards wants us to think he is so special, so gifted, so unique that he must, must, must be elected in 2008, in 2008 , in 2008, to lead us as our president, and not be put off until some pesidential race in the future. But we already know, in one way, at least, that John Edwards is not so unique. We have a president right now, George W. Bush, who doesn't care what's best for anyone else or how anybody else feels, including HIS family. We don't need another president with such disregard for public or private exigencies - in January, 2009 nor in the future.

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By Brain on January 16, 2008 at 05:04 pm

What's your big beef with Edwards anyway?  It's not like he's gonna win anyway, let him have his fun. 

"Grow up, like I did, especially about electoral politics, and learn to think for yourselves."

Which is why you seem to think namedropping Katie Couric validates your completely wrong viewpoint. 

On a sort or related note, Ms. Couric is 51, but I'd still tottally hit that.  Word.

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